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George Washington Warned Us About Saudi Arabia

Doug Bandow, The American Conservative

Washington wouldn’t necessarily oppose defending Saudi Arabia, but he would expect the determination to be made by Washington, D.C. and not Riyadh. Some Americans have lost interest in the Founders, who seem exiled by the mists of time. Yet Washington and his contemporaries confronted the eternal challenges of power and principle. In his Farewell Address, Washington melded theory with practice and offered lessons which U.S. presidents and other policymakers should learn for today, including to “observe good faith and justice towards all nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all.” Today’s presidents would be wise to learn the lessons he teaches.

The Trump Doctrine

President Trump’s remarks at the UN were noteworthy, not so much for their radical departure from the interventionist policies of the two Bush presidents, and their rejection of the weakness and globalism of Obama, but for their return to the principles of George Washington.