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Trump Effectively Hits Obama and Clinton in National Security Policy Speech

Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard

The unfitness issue can't be dealt with in a speech or two. But Trump needs to address it. How? He must deliver serious speeches on critical world affairs. And then avoid wandering off into more trivial subjects in subsequent events. He's been unable to stick to the high road of substantive issues so far in the campaign. Trump has refused to act "presidential," saying voters would find that boring. The Youngstown offered a bit of it. A lot more is needed.

Trump Goes Full Reagan On Fighting Radical Islam, Media Ignores

What Trump said in Youngstown was that, unlike Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George W. Bush he will deploy all of the elements of our national power to defeat not just ISIS and al Qaeda, but the ideology of radical Islam. This is a profound and remarkable change from previous administrations and one that is long overdue.