Frank Luntz

Marco Rubio Previously Paid Pollster Frank Luntz, Who Praised Rubio on Fox News

Patrick Howley, Breitbart

Pollster Frank Luntz got significant airtime to direct a post-debate focus group that unsurprisingly was very favorable to Rubio, the GOP establishment pick in the primary race. The focus group, featuring pre-selected ordinary Americans, was a love letter to Rubio. But Rubio actually had Luntz on his payroll at one time. GOP Establishment flacks cited Luntz’s post-debate focus group to defend Rubio’s subpar performance.

Frank Luntz Focus Group: Ted Cruz Won Debate

Real Clear Politics

During a live post-debate "Kelly File," a focus group of 26 South Carolina Republican voters overwhelmingly said that Ted Cruz was the big winner of the Fox Business Network GOP debate. Watch the video.

Frank Luntz Focus Group: Cruz Scores High at CNN Republican Debate

Real Clear Politics

During a live post-debate Kelly File, Frank Luntz spoke to a focus group about the winners and losers from CNN's Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ted Cruz received near unanimous praise.

Frank Luntz: Focus group 'doesn't want Kasich to speak'

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

Luntz said the group was "really offended" by John Kasich’s interruptions, which elicited the "lowest dials" of the debate. New Hampshire has been one of the states where the Ohio governor has been polling best.