Ted Cruz Has Raised $3 Million Since Iowa Caucus

Michelle Fields, Breitbart

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign has announced that they have raised $3 million dollars since the Iowa caucus. Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe, tweeted the news Thursday saying, “$10M from 182,000 contributions averaging $55 has been raised since January 1 thru last night. $3M since 10 pm on February 1! Thank you!”

Cruz raises close to $20 million in quarter

Jonathan Swan, The Hill

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) raised nearly $20 million in the fourth fundraising quarter of 2015 — a strong improvement on his earlier totals and a figure worthy of an emerging front-runner. Cruz has grown his fundraising every quarter, with his dollar figures rising almost in lock-step with his polling and the general momentum of his campaign.

Jeb Bush Gets Money From Family Supporters

Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press

About half of the roughly $120 million raised to help him win the Republican presidential nomination comes from donors who previously gave to his brother or father, both former presidents, according to a new analysis of Federal Election Commission records by, a nonpartisan political research company.

Obama’s Blatant Lies on Pandering to the Rich

Tim Carney, Washington Examiner

We all know Obama loves to play the populist game, but it’s all part of his fostering a culture of corruption and lies. Here, Tim Carney points out that Obama will be sending out fundraising emails branding Republicans as catering to the rich while he’s doing just that – and more.

Direct Mail: Ethical And Essential For The Conservative Movement

Kimberly Bellissimo, Daily Caller

Kimberly Bellissimo, founder of Base Connect, swats Matt Lewis' misinformed article about direct mail. Direct mail gets your message out in a targeted way to the people who are most interested in your message. It's proven to heighten awareness of a candidate or cause among those most likely to take action.