Is Joe Biden mentally fit to be president?

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

The modern media trend is to make fun of President Trump for his alleged and actual misstatements of fact. You have to go a long way -- Australia -- to find a media outlet willing to make fun of a U.S. liberal Democrat. The host of a program called “Outsiders,” Rita Panahi, assembled a montage of gaffes and gibberish from former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The Biden montage makes you ask: Is this guy mentally fit to be president? Biden supporters might argue the clips are edited, but what makes them formidable, credible — even incredible — is that they appear to reflect Mr. Biden’s speech and thought patterns over many years. Grab some popcorn and watch it all.

An Excusing Frenzy for Biden's Fact Mangling

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

Biden's New Hampshire phony war story was no "gaffe." It was either (a) a trail of gaffes indicating Biden has lost his marbles or (b) a lie. Which is it, and how serious is this? The media's answers were predictable. The Post actually reported this story, but the usual spin quickly fell into place to offset the indictment. For decades now — and especially when Biden was vice president — the media have downplayed and ignored Biden's gaffes and misstatements and lies. This whole energetic frenzy of excuse manufacturing once again underlines the fraudulent media's boast that they are "facts first" and care most deeply about "the truth."

The gaffable Joe Biden

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., Washington Times

Recently in Hanover, New Hampshire, former Vice President Joe Biden stitched together a stupendous concatenation of gaffes that ought to put him out of the race for the Democratic nomination. But apparently it will not. The Democrat presidential candidates are all phonies, and now The New York Times’ house “conservative” has leaped to gaffable Joe’s defense. David Brooks acknowledged that Joe might “embellish” his speeches, “But he’s not mendacious. He’s not irresponsible.” No, David, if Joe is not mendacious and not irresponsible, perhaps he is delusional? Maybe he can claim he is suffering Delusions of Candor.