God Bless America

If We Cancel Kate Smith, We Must Cancel The New York Yankees

David Marcus, The Federalist

The only fair and just thing to do here is for the New York Yankees franchise to fold, along with all but the expansion Major League Baseball franchises that came into being after integration. We can replace them quickly with new teams, teams that never denied black people the right to play. If Kate Smith is being cancelled for her actions 80 years ago, then so must the New York Yankees be. These are the rules. Well, sort of. These are the rules when it doesn’t cost anybody any money. These are the rules when we decide to deride the memory of a woman who achieved greatness at a time when that was very hard.

American Patriots to NBC Sports: Fire Craig Calcaterra

Those Americans who spent Easter morning at church may have missed the latest establishment media outrage, this time perpetrated by Craig Calcaterra, lead baseball writer for NBC Sports.

Now Controversial: 'God Bless America'

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

The folks at the New York Daily News have embraced a mission to become the most provocative jerks in the Big Apple. In keeping with this stream of insulting behaviors, columnist Gersh Kuntzman has issued a demand, saying, "Major League Baseball must permanently retire 'God Bless America,' a song that offends everyone."