GOP Civil War

Get Mitch

Jason Zengerle, Politico Magazine

Mitch McConnell may be the most hated man in the Senate, even among Repubs. His poor response to Ted Cruz after the shutdown has R's thinking that they may need new leadership.

Dems Not GOP, Facing Civil War

Charles Hurt, Breitbart

Sen. Dems realize the trouble they are in, which is why they blasted Obama over Obamacare that he has dumped on them in time for their '14 re-election campaigns. Even the Clintons realize this, too.

The Grassroots Defend Viguerie: Goldberg is Wrong about the GOP Civil War

In a recent column, Jonah Goldberg attacked Richard Viguerie and the Tea Party, arguing that we conservatives are pushing a senseless war with establishment Republicans. Has Goldberg turned to "the dark side?" Timothy Birdnow's essay suggests he has.

Cruz Slams GOP Bosses

Rebecca Shabad, The Hill

At a Tea Party rally, Cruz said that he thinks the GOP leaders are after him. He admitted that the shutdown over Obamacare battle was lost, but he knew it was going to be a difficult fight.

Time for a New Party

Paul Joseph, Red State

We need a new Conservative Party. It's Motto: As you live, We Will Govern.

GOP Civil War Rises, BigBiz Sway Wavers

Jonathan Martin, Jim Rutenberg, and Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times

Jim DeMint said he thought the power of the establishment and its corporate money was waning. “It’s harder to buy influence in Washington now,” he said. CHQ's Richard Viguerie agreed that a GOP civil war is taking place.