GOP Civil War

Tea Party Thumps Establishment GOP In FL-19 Special Primary

With the support of the Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, CHQ and other grassroots conservatives Curt Clawson won the FL-19 GOP primary because he ran as an outsider and he ran a grassroots campaign focused on the conservative economic agenda.

Tea Partier Who Shot Down Drone Takes on Navy SEAL in Mont.

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

Sen. Matt Rosendale shot down a drone in an ad and says "The federal gov't is too big and too powerful. More taxes and regulations put Montana families out of work. Spying on our citizens?

Chamber Backs GOP-E Rep. Joyce

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

The US Chamber backed Rep. David Joyce (R-OH) against his Tea Party challenger, OH state Rep. Matt Lynch (R). The Chamber has backed business Repubs. over hard-line conservatives. They endorsed Rep. Kingston (R-Ga.) in his Sen. primary recently. 

GOP-E, TEA Party, & Hollywood Compete in NC02 Race

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

Incumbent Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) has spurned the Tea Party that got her elected in '10 and become the darling of the House GOP establishment. Her primary opponent, talk radio host and financial services pro Frank Roche, has recently been endorsed by two prominent local Tea Party groups.

Just How Slow-Witted is John Boehner?

C. Edmund Wright, American Thinker

Boehner would rather work behind the scenes to spoil the efforts of Tea Party groups and push amnesty than stop Obamacare and fight harder against IRS discrimination of conservatives.

Common Core is Wedge Election Issue for GOP

Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart

The New York Times says that the nationalized academic standards have grown to be a central electoral issue that is separating establishment Republicans from grass roots, limited government activists.

OH GOP: Our Conservative Critics are Secret Dems

Jason Hart, Red State

A recent Ohio Republican Party (ORP) hit piece framing Republican legislative candidate Tom Brinkman as someone who “voted with Democrats” is emblematic of the Party’s attempts to crush conservative opposition.

Former McConnell/NRSC Staffers Profiting from Attacking Conservatives

Daniel Horowitz, Madison Project

Former McConnell/NRSC staffers, with the help of a super-liberal billionaire, are running ads against Republicans for not supporting Obama’s prized agenda item – amnesty for illegal aliens.

A Push for Bush is Dangerous for Repubs.

Christopher Caldwell, Financial Times

Jeb is being promoted by R's whose main interest in the party is that it not nominate someone who will shake up the Obama-era economic settlement. The strategy seems bound to produce an electoral loss. That appears to be of little concern to the people devising it.

GOP Must Re-Learn Campaign Techniques

Jonathon Moseley, American Thinker

Republican insiders don’t actually know how to run successful political campaigns.  But conservatives don’t know how to run campaigns effectively, either.

Cantor Falls Hard From Good Graces of Conservatives

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times

Conservatives are increasingly targeting House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, arguing that he has abandoned conservative principles and protesting his planned meeting with moderate and liberal Republicans.

Rand to Get Plum Spot on '16 GOP Ticket?

Greg Corombos, WND

Longtime conservative activist Richard Viguerie says conservatives can regain control of the party and the key levers of power in the next two election cycles if they take advantage of the conservative embrace of libertarians, including a slot on the national ticket for Sen. Rand Paul.

GOP v. GOP: Fight for the Soul of the Republican Party

Richard Cameron, Communities Digital News

Viguerie isn't surprised at the GOP estab. attempts to snuff out the real conservative insurgency: “That’s who they are. There’s not that much difference ideologically between them and big gov't Dems. They’re just panicked that limited gov't, constitutional conservatives are going to govern America.”

Viguerie Book TAKEOVER Rockets to #1 on Amazon Political Parties List

TAKEOVER is the only book on the market that provides conservatives with the history, the ideas, the strategy and tactics and a practical plan to win the 102-year civil war in the Republican Party and govern America by 2017.

Viguerie’s Vigorous Conservative Opus

Jennifer Harper, Washington Times

Richard Viguerie's new book TAKEOVER covers Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, William F. Buckley, M. Stanton Evans and Ronald Reagan. He blasts the GOP Estab., The Bushes and consultants, just to name a few. The author is ready to rumble as “civil war” and division rattle the GOP.

A Battle Plan for Conservatives To Take Over the GOP

There’s a secret history of the most important battle in American politics that no one else has been willing to talk about for over 100 years – and it will decide the future of this great country, not just for an election or two, but for generations to come.

Today the Conservative TAKEOVER of the GOP Starts In Your Neighborhood

By Richard A. Viguerie, Author & CHQ Chairman

In the latest excerpt from TAKEOVER Richard Viguerie explains how to transform the Republican Party from a half-strength, ideologically split party into a full-strength, 75 percent majority conservative political juggernaut. And it all starts right in your own neighborhood. Buy TAKEOVER TODAY on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite bookseller!

Two Powerful Forces Join to Take Over GOP

WND Staff

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie, often called the “founding father of conservatism” for his advances in direct-mail fundraising, is on a campaign to take back the Republican Party from the “big gov't” advocates. And he's teamed up with the TEA Party to make it happen.

The GOP Civil War

Jamie Radtke, The Bull Elephant

Tea party supporters are not the only ones calling for accountability and removal of these twaddling Repubs. Long-time movement conservative leaders, like Richard Viguerie and Craig Shirley, are strongly behind the efforts to restore the GOP back to its Reagan roots by purging the progressive elements out of our Party.