government shutdown

D's Trying to Run Out Shutdown Clock

Julian Pecquet and Molly K. Hooper, The Hill

Rep. Tim Griffin (R-Ark.) accused Dems of deliberately “running out the clock.” He claimed to have been told by “high-level Dems in town” that their plan has long been to force a gov't shutdown and blame it on Repubs.

Boehner Disregards Clean Funding Bill

Russell Berman, The Hill

Boehner said that the House is unlikely to accept a clean spending bill from the Senate, increasing the chances of a shutdown after 9/30. What would they attach to a CR in the limited time it will have to avert a shutdown?

Obamacare: The Boehner–Pelosi Axis of Evil

The only way to pass a bill to fund the government, that includes funding Obamacare beyond the end of the fiscal year ending on September 30, is to get the votes through an unholy alliance of establishment Republicans and Democrats.

The Best Ground to Fight Obamacare On

We give our friends at the RSC credit for creativity with their proposal, but trying to thread the needle between the House GOP leadership’s lack of fight on Obamacare (or almost any other issue) and the demands of the conservative grassroots for real action to defund Obamacare is an enterprise destined to fail.

Dems, Not R's, Want a Gov Shutdown

Dana Loesch, Red State

Dems are willing to risk a gov shutdown to fund an unworkable law that's killing the middle class for campaign optics.

Lee: Stop Funding Obamacare or Else

James Arkin, Politico

Sen. Mike Lee said there's growing Repub support for a government shutdown to block OCare funding.