government shutdown

Paul:O's Retort On Shutdown? ShutUp!

Sen. Rand Paul, Washington Times

Obama refuses to engage in any debate or discussion -- his way or the highway. Obama and the Sen. Dems would rather shut down our gov't than work with Repubs on serious amendments and solutions.

Sadist Strategy of Obama/Reid

Patrick J. Buchanan, WND

They are inflicting pain on fellow Americans to break their political enemies. They can only succeed in sustaining their Big Lie – that it is Repubs who want to keep the gov't shut down – because of a collaborationist press.

Nunes: Reports of GOP Caving 'Ridiculous'

John Gizzi, NewsMax

The mounting reports that some House Repubs are pushing a "clean resolution" to fund all of the federal gov't including Obamacare for 2 weeks are "totally ridiculous," says Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who's often listed as a supporter of the measure.

House GOP Lacks Debt Strategy?

Bernie Becker, Peter Schroeder and Molly K. Hooper, The Hill

With the deadline for raising the $16.7 trillion borrowing limit less than 2 weeks away, House GOP admit they are forging ahead without a clear endgame in mind.

YOU Will Pay 80% of ObamaCare Costs for Your Congressman

In a few short months, Congress and its staff will have 80% of their health care insurance costs covered by the American taxpayers – unless We the People rise up and demand an end to ObamaCare and the carve-outs, special favors for insiders, and special interest elitism that are part and parcel of this corrupt law.

RPaul Gets R's Message Right

Allahpundit, Hot Air

Rand Paul thinks the D's are losing their shutdown PR advantage by reiterating that they won’t negotiate. BHO’s needs the GOP to be seen as the obstructionists. Paul aims to paint R's encouraging negotiations.

On Reid's Cancer Kids Comment...

Seth Rendal, Commentary Magazine

One of Washington’s worst-kept secrets is that Reid’s attitude toward most people ranges from miserable on his best days to uncommonly vicious on his worst. 

BHO Doesn't Understand Constitution

Mike Needham, The Federalist

O lectures Congress that “you don’t get to extract a ransom for doing your job.” This misunderstands our government on every level. Congress’s job is to fund gov't operations. It’s a mistake to view the appropriations process as a rubber stamp on gov't. Rather, it is a vital part of our nation’s separation of powers.

Obama Plays Politics w/ War Memorial

Hans von Spakovsky, Heritage Foundry Blog

Americans are justifiably angry over the political game being played by Obama to barricade the WWII Memorial. They should be. Under federal law, there is no justifiable reason for closing the memorial.

Fry Cook Paid to Protest Vets

Patrick Poole, PJ Media

Why was a McDonald's cook paid $15 to attend (and claim the shutdown is Boehner's fault) a protest targeting vets? None of the protesters would show their fed ID.

Mica: Arrest WWII Memorial Blockers

Katie McHugh, Daily Caller

Rep. John Mica called for the firing of officials who ordered the barricade of the open-air World War II memorial to veterans on Weds., including the Secretary of the Interior and Nat'l Parks Director.

Will Establishment GOP End ObamaCare Privileges To Win the 2014 Election?

Congressmen Peter King and Charlie Dent claim that the “slimdown” is hurting Republicans because the polls show the public blames the GOP for such inconveniences as the National Parks being closed. If King and Dent want to govern by the polls, and not principles, then this is an issue really worth fighting for; not only because it is an equality under the law issue, it is also an issue that polls something like 92 percent in Republicans’ favor.

Will Obamacare Be The New Panama Canal for Conservatives?

Conservatives must continue to think strategically and look beyond today’s news cycle at what is really at stake in the Obamacare battle. The Panama Canal Treaty battle grew the New Right movement in the 1970s and the fight over defunding Obamacare is growing the limited government, constitutional conservative movement today. 

By Richard A. Viguerie

Obama to Summit w/ Leaders on Shutdown

Amie Parnes, The Hill

On the shutdown’s second day, Obama invited congressional leaders to the White House Weds. to discuss reopening the government and also raising the debt limit.

Hold Obama Accountable for Shutdown

Peter Ferrara, American Spectator

Obama and the Dems wanted a shutdown. They are so certain that the public will blame the Repubs because your dopey neighbors keep telling pollsters that the Repubs are at fault.

House GOP Following Cruz Playbook

Mike Lillis, Peter Schroeder, and Bernie Becker, The Hill

House GOP leaders introduced a series of bills to fund specific parts of the gov't in lieu of one sweeping package, a strategy Cruz had floated a week ago and promoted again Monday as the gov't was closing its doors.

Dem Senate Rejects 4th Shutdown Bid

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

Senate Dems on Tues. voted (54-46) to refuse to enter into official negotiations with the House on a spending bill, saying there can be no talks until the GOP agrees to end the shutdown. The issue's back with House R's, who've seen the Senate kill 4 proposals to end the shutdown.

What Shutdown? D's Party at Hillary's

Leslie Larson, New York Daily News

Hillary Clinton didn't let the shutdown get in the way of a good party Monday night, inviting Dem darlings to her DC mansion for a fundraiser for Terry McAuliffe.

More Blame R's for Shutdown

Bethan Owen, Daily Caller

The number of people blaming Obama for a gov't shutdown is up 3% from earlier this month, while fewer are blaming the GOP. 46% say they blame congressional Reps, with 36% blaming Obama and 13% pointing at both.

Senate Nixes OCare Delay; Gov't Closes

Tony Lee, Breitbart

After the House passed a short-term resolution to fund the gov't with amendments attached that would delay Obamacare's individual mandate for a year and prevent those in Congress and the Executive Branch from receiving Obamacare subsidies, the Senate rejected it by a 54-46 party-line vote, sending a stripped resolution back to the House hours before a partial gov't shutdown is set to take place