government spying without warrants

Can You Hear Me Now? NO!

Jamie Radtke, The Bull Elephant

The House voted to shut down the NSA spying program that allowed them to collect large swaths of phone data without the need for a warrant. This was a victory for liberty and privacy, but most the credit for this victory should go to our libertarian friends.

Ken Cuccinelli Blasts Gov't Abuse, Spying On Citizens, Obama Hypocrisy

Right Scoop Staff

Conservative Ken Cuccinelli spoke at FreePAC Kentucky about suing the gov't over spying. "Everybody has a stake in this case...if things go well, soon I’ll be your lawyer. And what we have said is that not only is this program wrong but it’s unconstitutional under the fourth amendment.”

A Judicial Difference of Opinion on NSA

David Keene, The Washington Times

The two district court decisions this Christmas on the constitutionality and practical utility of the NSA’s continuing drive to collect information on each of us shows how Americans are a practical rather than ideological.

Will Snowden Get Amnesty for Docs?

Spencer Ackerman, The Guardian

NSA officials are considering a controversial amnesty that would return Edward Snowden to the US, in exchange for the many documents he took. The State Dept. and other key figures oppose it.

IRS Uses GoogleMaps to Spy on You

Josh Peterson, Daily Caller

Agents from the IRS are using Google Maps as part of their tool kit to audit taxpayers and organizations.

Google: US Spying Boomed Over 3 Years

Brendan Sasso, The Hill

The number of U.S. gov't requests for Google user data have more than tripled over the past three years. In the first half of '13, there were 10,918 U.S. requests for data on 21,683 users.

Privacy is a Conservative Cause

ConservativeHQ chairman Richard Viguerie calls on the right to mobilize to stop Barack Obama’s surveillance state. 

NSA Spying Angers France, Mex, More

Associated Press Staff

France is the latest in a growing list of nations including Germany, Mexico, and Brazil, that have loudly complained to Obama about the sweep and scope of NSA snooping abroad.

RPaul v. Feinstein on NSA Spy Limits

Steve Contorno, Washington Examiner

Feinstein's NSA spy program-limiting bill isn't enough. A bipartisan group led by Sens. Paul and Wyden want to further curb spying on lawful citizens with a bill that would prohibit the bulk collection of phone records.

Paul Joins Dems to Wrangle NSA

Paul Lewis and Dan Roberts, The Guardian

Rand Paul joined three Dem senators in introducing legislation that is "the most comprehensive bipartisan intelligence reform proposal since the [Snowden] disclosures of last June."

NSA Violated Court-Ordered Rules

Brian Hughes, Washington Examiner

The Administration released previously classified documents showing that NSA employees routinely accessed a phone-records database without approval and misled a secret court on their actions.

NSA Abuses Just Tip of Iceberg

Niels Lesniewski, Roll Call

Members of the Sen. Intelligence Committee say there's much more to come about the scope and severity of these violations.

New Snowden NSA Leaks

Ken Dilanian, Los Angeles Times

The disclosure of a top secret internal audit shows the NSA has overstepped its legal authority 2,776 times since 2011, involving unauthorized collection of data on Americans or eavesdropping.

NYT: Yes, O, You DO Spy

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

The NYT makes hash of O's claim. The NSA sifts through huge heaps of communications, not just the metadata.

Obama: There's No Domestic Spying Staff

Obama told Leno that the US has no domestic spying program and that the intelligence gathering is a “critical component to counter terrorism.”

FBI: We Don't Need a Warrant to Spy

Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner

The FBI told RPaul that US drone surveillance doesn't require a warrant and that the practice remains limited.