government subsidies

Democrats Move From Crony Capitalism To Class Warfare

Nothing illustrates how far Left the Democratic Party has moved than the reaction of the Democrats’ most popular and media savvy politicians to the news that Amazon was abandoning plans to build part of its East Coast headquarters in the New York city of Long Island City.

Fake support for a free market in energy

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

We ought to have an insurance policy against brownouts and blackouts like California has suffered, and other nations as well, because of overdependence on intermittent power sources like wind and solar. We may regret shutting down reliable nuclear or coal plants that can’t be easily powered up again during storms, cold winters, or steamy-hot summer days when we need electricity the most. In the meantime, enough hypocrisy from liberals who lecture us about bailouts and subsidies as if they were Milton Friedman disciples. There is nothing the renewable energy is more horrified of than a genuine free market in energy.

ObamaCare and the Language of Law

Jon N. Hall, American Thinker

The Supreme Court will eventually have to straighten out the mess created by the ObamaCare subsidies, if anybody can. SCOTUS should fast-track these cases before any more possibly illegal subsidies are handed out. The continuing abuse and degradation of language is another.

Fat Farm Bill Subsidizes Twinkies

Kenric Ward,

Corps. received $19 billion+ in the last 16 years, turning subsidized crops into junk food items like corn syrup.