GOYA Foods

Cancel culture punishes Goya Foods over pro-Trump remarks; calls for boycott land with a thud

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Make no mistake, this cancel-culture obscenity, the seeking to destroy people and businesses that do not conform, is the virtual version of the riots that played out in Democratic-run cities with real-life fire bombing of buildings and the physical destruction of businesses and lives. It may be less visually dramatic, but it is still the mob, and they still seek to destroy and punish anyone who dares to get in their political way. As the left was engaging in virtual arson, conservatives and other well-meaning people countered this threat against Goya with a call to support the company and buy their products.

Buy Goya Food Products

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue didn't back down when the Leftwing mob tried bullying him for praising President Trump. We urge CHQ readers and friends to give Goya foods a try – if you are unfamiliar with the cuisines of Spain, Latin America and the Philippines this is your incentive to try one of their recipes. Or you can simply join Mr. Unanue in contributing Goya foods to your local food bank – you will be supporting your neighbors and a corporate leader who refuses to be bullied by the Leftwing mob.