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When Will The Media Ask Democrats The Hard Questions About Gun Control?

Last night’s Democrat “debate” moderators failed to ask the candidates the really tough questions on guns. The “debate” turned out to be more of an opportunity for them to show their ignorance of guns and firearms law than it was an event where the pros and cons of the candidates’ differences on policy were presented and discussed.

Violate Your Oath And Turn On American Citizens At Your Legal Peril, Gun-Grabbers

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

This is about the other consequences of abandoning one’s oath. It is about the consequences that would come when the rule of law returns and justice demands to be done. Because there will be an accounting before the law for anyone who swore to defend the Constitution and then willingly does the opposite.  As you know, if you are law enforcement or military, you have a non-delegable duty to assess every order you receive and to refuse unlawful ones. And the Constitution is unequivocal that busting into a house to disarm peaceful Americans is a no-go. What your oath requires you to do – or to refuse to do – in that scenario is clear.

New York Times Front Page Promotes Fake News And Lies About Guns

Smart policy decisions are rarely made by a population steeped in misinformation and fear, but through fake news and outright lies that is exactly the atmosphere The New York Times and other Far Left media outlets seek to create in order to disarm law abiding Americans.

Another Day, Another Shooting. Boring!

Daniel Oliver, The Federalist

Here’s an idea for limiting mass shootings that liberals haven’t considered yet: restrict news coverage of them. There is some evidence (and it seems plausible) that the media attention given to mass shooters makes them role models for impressionable individuals who then commit mass shootings of their own. Many media outlets routinely omit the names of sexual victims. If the media don’t stop covering mass shootings voluntarily, perhaps they should be urged, by legislation, not to cover them. Of course, the media would howl. A congressman who doubles as a constitutional scholar should propose the idea.

Yes, They Are Coming for Your Guns

The Editors, National Review

If it ever was, “Nobody is coming for your guns!” is no longer true — which means that a host of commonly posed inquiries now have the same simple answer. “Why do you oppose federal licensing?” Because leading Democrats are threatening confiscation. “Why do you oppose ‘universal’ background checks?” Because they would create a registry. “And why do you oppose a registry?” Because leading Democrats are threatening confiscation. Unwittingly or not, O’Rourke and his acolytes have stuck a dagger into the exquisitely calibrated gun-control messaging on which their party has worked for the better part of 20 years. No voter can now say he wasn’t warned.

A NRA Member Makes Some Humble Suggestions on Gun Control

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Few things exist on which there is more BS spoken than gun control. A disturbing number of people are being shot—particularly school children—and we ought to try to do something about it. Yes, it's true that the statistics on mass killings are fudged and exaggerated, but as a member of the NRA I have a few, tentative, suggestions, including armed personnel in schools, mandatory background checks for all transfers outside families, a conversation on red flag laws and mental health, and concealed carry and required retesting. I am an adamant supporter of the Second Amendment and my reason, in today's America, should be obvious.

Lies the Left Tells About Guns

Rachel Bovard, American Greatness

The simple fact that we have a right to own guns doesn’t mean individuals must own them, use them, or even like them. But what it does mean is that people advocating further regulation of firearms at least should have a baseline understanding of how firearms actually work, as well as the current statutory environment that regulates their purchase, handling, and use. Unfortunately, the current rhetoric coming from Democrats betrays a deep misunderstanding about all of those things.  Lawmakers need to set a better example for how to treat people before rushing to strip Second Amendment rights from the rest of us.

Dumb Arguments About Gun Control

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Yeah, the elites got our backs – in their sights. Our elite is garbage, and everything it says is a lie and a scam. You just need to look around and be willing to see the truth. At home, we have a Deep State that shamelessly runs a dual track justice system, one for the connected and one for you. If you get uppity, it comes down on you – look at the IRS scandal and look at what they’ve done to anyone helping Trump. Then look at how those within the elite skip out on accountability. Gee, I bet if we disarm that will all change and they’ll start respecting our rights n’ stuff! Here’s the deal. No disarmament ever.

Red Flag Laws Are Lethal Leftist Weapons

Mark Smith, The American Spectator

These proposed Red Flag laws tap into legitimate fears. Nobody wants to face a maniac wielding a gun, or any weapon for that matter. But gun grabbers aren’t interested in giving law enforcement agencies the resources they need to take guns from convicted felons. Nor will the Left likely endorse calls for a greater use of civil commitment of the mentally ill. And activists certainly do not want to allow ordinary Americans, who are the real “first responders” to any violent attack, to be armed to fight back against violent, evil thugs. No, those railing against gun ownership wants to disarm all of society.

The ‘Hunt’ Only Works If Deplorables Are Disarmed

Given the constant pressure from the elite to disarm everyone except themselves, deplorables should be very skeptical that The Hunt is social satire and not a snapshot of the dystopian gun-free future that awaits us in a country run by President Kamala Harris or one of the other Far Left candidates running in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary.

The Weirdness Of Lefty Tough Guys

One of the truly weird features of the modern Left, especially its major political candidates and media figures, is the propensity to utter physical threats against President Trump, his supporters and others on the Right. The strangest recent example of this testosterone-fueled Leftism was an altercation between CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and a person who approached him and referred to him as “Fredo” Cuomo.

‘Expanded Background Checks’ A Fake Solution To Mass Shootings

Expanding background checks would not have prevented a single mass public shooter in recent history from obtaining firearms. Would-be mass public shooters rarely have disqualifying criminal or mental health histories—meaning, they often can and do pass background checks when legally purchasing their firearms.

Chris Sununu Isn’t Panicking on Gun Control

John Fund, National Review

Existing laws can be improved and, more important, enforced more vigorously. Laws mandating prison time for anyone using a gun while committing a crime do take dangerous people off of the street. More mental-health programs that directly tackle the problems of disturbed individuals are expensive but certainly needed. Congress passed a revamp of existing background checks last year, and it was signed into law by President Trump. But lawmakers can do more. But we shouldn’t allow our leaders to rush for “solutions” that have been shown not to work in their current form. That’s why Governor Sununu’s political courage in not going for the quick fix is so commendable.

Can This Be True? Trump Ties With ‘Unnamed Socialist’

In its matchups of Trump versus Democratic candidates, a recent poll asked people to choose between the president and an unnamed “Democratic candidate who you regard as a socialist.” The result: A tie. Trump, 46%; Socialist, 46%. Among likely voters, the split was Trump 49%, unnamed socialist 43%.

Far-Left Billionaire Whacko Tom Steyer Enters Democrat Primary

The Democratic Party wisemen in Washington can’t be happy with Tom Steyer’s announcement because it will be that much harder for them to move to the center for the November election with Steyer pushing the other Democrats even further to the Left on impeachment, global warming and abortion, while ramping-up the anti-free market rhetoric.

Eric Swalwell Nukes His Campaign For President

Rep. Eric Swalwell, the Far-Left California Democrat Congressman who famously reminded gun owners that the government has nuclear weapons should they choose to resist his gun confiscation schemes, is abandoning his presidential campaign. But that doesn’t mean Democrats will abandon their plans to try to confiscate your guns should they ever obtain the power to do so.

Happy Firearms Appreciation Day

We here at CHQ like to think of July 4th as “Firearms Appreciation Day’” because without firearms, and the American prowess with them, there would be no independence to celebrate. The war that turned the Declaration of Independence into a reality was a remarkable triumph that would have been inconceivable had not every man been armed with his own gun.

Virginians Gear Up To Defend Second Amendment Rights

Our friends at and the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) have alerted us to the VCDL Special Session Lobby Day on Tuesday, July 9, starting at 9 a.m. Go to to learn how you can be a part of Lobby Day and be sure to contact your Virginia Delegate or Senator to help fight this latest Democrat gun grab.

Guns don't kill people; negligent bureaucrats kill people

Editors, Washington Examiner

If not for sloppy record-keeping and boneheaded mistakes by individual officials, the shooters in incidents in Charleston, S.C., at Virginia Tech, and in Sunderland Springs, Texas, would not have been permitted to purchase guns. Agents at every ATF office in the country are now scrambling to recover thousands of guns that an agency contractor stole over a three-year period from their National Firearms and Ammunition Destruction Branch in Martinsburg, W.Va. How many criminals were able to arm themselves through the black market with Uncle Sam's help? This incident provides a grim reminder that if lawmakers want to do something about guns ending up in the wrong hands, they should start by minding the government's own store.

Gun Grabbers Never Let A Tragedy Go To Waste

Virginia's Democrat Governor Ralph Northam is calling a special session of the legislature to consider a package of new gun control bills. The aftermath of any tragedy is when respect for constitutional liberty is at its weakest and political considerations are at their strongest. Go to to learn how you can contact your Virginia Delegate or Senator to help fight this latest Democrat gun grab.