Brett Kavanaugh faces Senate fabulists

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

In just two weeks time, the Democrats went from condemning Judge Kavanaugh for being Charles Manson to condemning him for being a regular guy in college. For a gang with that repertoire running the federal government, none of us are safe from its fascist behavior. Once again, Democratic leadership exposes itself and its agenda as not just a fraud, but a malicious effort to destroy innocent people for political gain. And it’s not just Judge Kavanaugh. For the Democrats, every American is fair game in their desperation to hold onto power.

Kavanaugh charades

Editors, Washington Examiner

If Republicans are unanimous, they can confirm Kavanaugh, 50-49. That leaves Democrats to use these hearings as theater, and they undoubtedly step keenly into the electoral floodlights. Instead of asking questions about legal reasoning and interpretive method, Democrats will cherry-pick rulings by Kavanaugh in which the “little guy” lost, and rant about President Trump, in order to rally donors and their electoral base ahead of the midterm elections.

FISA hearing gives Republicans a chance to unravel intelligence failures

Todd Shepherd, Washington Examiner

Today's Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, will let Republicans explore their many complaints about how surveillance is conducted, how the information being gathered is dispersed, and the extent to which Trump might have been wronged. Democrats, meanwhile, will likely pursue new reports that say the president asked top intelligence officials to help him get then-Director Comey to back off the investigation into Trump's short-lived national security advisor Mike Flynn.

Jeff Sessions Faces Democrats' Decades-Old Race-Baiting Routine

Curt Levey, PJ Media

During the campaign, the opponents of Donald Trump focused on exploiting every opportunity to portray him as a bigot. This one-dimensional, overwrought, tired, and ultimately unsuccessful line of attack is very similar to the strategy now being employed by the opponents of Sessions's confirmation. At a time when 73% of American voters believe that politicians raise racial issues only to get elected, this strategy is virtually certain to fail.

Booker was a bust

Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard

Booker had nothing to say about Sessions's personal and private views on race. He had no secrets about Sessions to reveal. His opposition turned out to be a disagreement over policy. A liberal, Booker objected to Sessions's conservative views. For those eager to derail the Sessions nomination, this had to be a letdown. As soon as Booker finished his testimony, the air went out of the anti-Sessions balloon.