Hillary Clinton lies

What is the FBI hiding?

Andrew P. Napolitano, The Washington Times

The publicly known evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s recklessness and willful failure to safeguard secrets was overwhelming. The evidence of her lying under oath about whether she returned all her work-related emails that she had taken from the State Department was profound and incontrovertible, now the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee accused the FBI itself of lawbreaking.

Hillary’s Allergy to Transparency

Laura Ingraham, Lifezette.com

On the 15th anniversary of the deadliest terror attack on American soil, Mrs. Clinton’s handlers found themselves out of excuses. The physical evidence was stark — and it came in the form of video taken from multiple angles of her being led out of a memorial event. In these videos, she appears weak, knees buckling, almost falling to the ground before being elevated into the van that was waiting curbside.

The U.S. Department of Clinton

Kimberly A. Strassel, The Wall Street Journal

This is the week that we finally learned why Mrs. Clinton used a private communications setup, and what it hid. This is the week, in short, that we found out that the infamous server was designed to hide that Mrs. Clinton for three years served as the U.S. Secretary of the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton's inescapable cloud of corruption

Lisa Boothe, The Washington Examiner Opinion

While many in the media have declared the presidential election all but over, damning accusations of pay to play at the Clinton Foundation and reports that the FBI found 15,000 work-related documents that Hillary Clinton failed to turn over represent the political land mines that still lie between her and the presidency.

GOP preps tough perjury case against Clinton

Julian Hattem, The Hill

Next month, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee plan to make the issue a central part of a hearing with senior officials from the FBI, a committee aide said on Thursday. Legally, the GOP faces a tough case. Politically, however, raising the perjury allegations would be a way to keep the issue of Clinton’s truthfulness in the public eye.

Hillary Tells It Like It Ain’t

George Neumayer, The American Spectator

Hillary Clinton can’t shake her reputation as a congenital liar. According to the latest polling, almost seven out of ten Americans view Hillary Clinton as a liar. Twenty years ago, New York Times columnist William Safire wrote that “Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization” that Hillary “is a congenital liar.” Not much has changed.

Hillary Gets a Negative Bounce from the Democratic National Convention

The Clinton brand has taken some serious hits in the small details of the Democrats' Convention, many of which are in the non-verbal communications and politically correct silence emanating from the stage in Philadelphia, consequently, Hillary Clinton has actually gone down in the polls during what should have been a four day showcase of her candidacy.