Hurricane Harvey

President Trump: Stop The FEMA Religious Discrimination

FEMA is acting like Obama is still in charge and enforcing a policy that stands in defiance of the recent Supreme Court ruling in Trinity Lutheran, which appears to protect the right of religious organizations to participate in widely available programs on equal footing with secular organizations.

A Few Conservatives Stand Against Pork Laden Disaster Relief Bill

Yesterday, 69 members of the House of Representatives, including our friends Representatives Louie Gohmert, Jeb Hensarling, Justin Amash, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows voted against a disaster relief bill that goes far beyond disaster relief to throw good money after bad in federal subsidies and what amount to welfare payments.

Leftist Artists Show Hate for Houston Victims

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

To liberal elites, all Texans are somehow bigoted white Christian males. Even a hurricane can't restrain their rage about their satirical targets having any power in America. Cartoons like these strongly underline why so many Americans find that the secular-progressive media are either tone-deaf or blatantly hostile toward what (and Who) they hold dear.

Trump’s Houston Visit Provoked Smiles From Harvey Victims, Scorn From Media

Bre Payton, The Federalist

In Houston, Texas, the president and first lady Melania Trump handed out lunches to victims staying at NRG Stadium, which is housing 1,800 people who’ve been displaced by the storm. The different responses to Trump’s visit among members of the media, who have their own difficulties empathizing with Harvey victims, versus those whose lives the floodwaters harmed, is telling.

On Display This Week Was America at Her Best

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Along with the steady growth of entitlement spending, the new dollars demanded for defense, the prospect of new wars and the tax cuts the White House supports, Hurricane Harvey should concentrate the mind. Great as America is, there are limits to our wealth and power, to how many global problems we can solve, to how many wars we can fight and to how many hostile powers we can confront.

After Harvey, Porkers get their revenge on Conservatives

Scott McKay, The American Spectator

As ugly as it’s been in the media, the poor behavior of the media elite could well be a mere prelude to what the political establishment has in store for the victims of Harvey — namely, that Texas’ Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, as well as most of the state’s House delegation, voted against the behemoth $50 billion relief bill for Hurricane Sandy, and therefore should be made to apologize before any Harvey funds should be turned loose.

Hurricane Harvey and the climate change alarm bells

Editors, Washington Examiner

Hurricane Harvey is weather, not some demon summoned by Americans' love of burning fossil fuels. The flooding is a freak occurrence in a city built on a bay. The liberals are at least being consistent here: Just as they put far too much faith in man to fix the world, they put far too much blame on man when nature delivers a lashing.

New York Times Veers Into Denier Territory In Questioning Harvey’s Link To Climate Change

Jonathan S. Tobin, The Federalist

When this topic is examined in detail, most of the experts — including mainstream liberals who believe in climate change and human causation — understand that what they don’t know is far greater than what they do understand. It is to the credit of the Times that, for once, their articles were informed by that sensibility. Yet we know that in other contexts, that sort of adherence to the scientific method rather than jumping to extreme conclusions can earn scientists and writers the “denier” label.

Harvey Will Be the Turning Point of the Trump Presidency

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

No matter the motivations, or the scores that might or might not need settling, this country and its 325 million citizens remain. Many of them are doing miraculous things for their fellow citizens in the flood waters of Texas and now Louisiana. They are pleased and often proud to have a president who is wholeheartedly supporting them. You should be too. Who knows what will happen?  But rooting for American greatness wouldn't hurt.

Make Harvey a Catalyst for Something Good

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Working together to repair a disaster could and should be just the thing to turn our society away from this self-immolating rut (actually it's worse than that). We can't -- and doubtless shouldn't -- all head down to Texas to help with the restoration, but we can do it with our hearts and minds. Given what has been going on recently, it may be a now or never situation.