illegal aliens in the military

Tell Your Senators: No Illegal Aliens in the Military!

In addition to encouraging a massive flow of illegal aliens into the military in order to get a green card, at the same time we are downsizing troop levels, the national security risks are clear. The effort to hold such "must-pass" pieces of legislation like the NDAA hostage in order to force a legalization scheme on the American people is nothing more than a political game by unscrupulous politicians and the amnesty lobby. It does not serve the national interest!

Say It Ain’t So Mac

Rep. Mac Thornberry, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, is one of the smartest guys out there on nuclear deterrence, the roots of the war Islam declared on the West, and a host of other national security issues, but he's got it wrong on illegal aliens serving in America's armed forces.

Obama Pressures American Legion to Allow Amnesty

Neil Munro, Daily Caller

The American Legion is suddenly a player in the immigration fight because it has come out in opposition to a minor, but critical amendment to the draft '15 defense bill. The amendment would allow illegal immigrants to get slots in the U.S. military that are sought by American volunteers.