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Joe Biden Cuddle Studio Franchising Opportunity

Cuddle studios advertise they provide nourishment for the soul through laughter, compassionate listening, and above all else, an incredible grounding energy. However, the competition in the nascent cuddling industry is about to become even fiercer with the entry of a new market-maker: The Joe Biden Cuddle Studio franchise operation.

The Democrats’ Mean Girls Problem

Few voters outside college campuses and the liberal Twitterverse are attracted to angry white feminists, sneering liberal arrogance, smug elite condescension, Hillary Clinton-style flip-floppers and scary socialist commissars – which pretty well sums-up the females in the Democratic field.

Lunch Bucket Joe And The Mafia Hit Man

As Joe Biden announces for president it is worth recalling he has a long, friendly, and somewhat dark history with the Teamsters, or, more accurately, a mafia hitman, the late Frank Sheeran, who also happened to be the president of Teamsters local 326 in Delaware and helped make Biden a U.S. senator.

Why segregation is the only way to save the women

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Who could have guessed that so many grown women wouldn’t know how to deal with hair-do sniffers and nose-rubbers. Not all snowflakes live on a college campus. A way must be found to separate men and women. Women must not be forced to live under lascivious gazes and endure sweaty kisses and hard rubs. Women who once withered seduction with a fierce frown, now need help for their granddaughters. How to do it, and still get great-granddaughters, must be the decisive issue of the 2020 campaign.

Biden: Uneasy, Gross, and Confused

Joe Biden’s actions toward women, as documented in numerous photographs, videos and published recollections are indeed bizarre and discomfiting, but what should really make Americans feel “uneasy, gross and confused” are Lunch Bucket Joe’s 40+ years of being wrong on every issue and using shameless lies and the politics of personal destruction to promote himself.