99 Conservative Leaders: Trump’s Regulatory Reform Should Reject Preemptive Vetoes

The Obama Administration took unprecedented steps to preemptively block the issuance of Section 404 permits—the Clean Water Act permits required to begin most mining and infrastructure projects—before they were even reviewed. Conservatives applaud the recent action by the Trump Administration’s EPA to undo the preemptive veto of the Pebble Mine in Southwest Alaska.

Trump Is Right To Play Hardball With Dems

“Bipartisanship” can’t be a one-off arrangement; Democrats must recognize President Trump’s legitimacy and debate the details of legislation in good faith, or President Trump is perfectly justified in refusing cooperation with them on infrastructure or any other issue.

Conservatives Balking At $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

President Trump campaigned on increasing infrastructure spending, but we see a carefully laid Democrat minefield looming in this latest “agreement” with plenty of political downside to the President and Republican 2020 candidates if he proposes raising taxes or blows up the deficit before the 2020 election.

To pay for highways, expanded tolls are better than higher gas tax

Editors, Washington Examiner

That average motorist should of course pay his fair share for federally funded infrastructure — after all, many motorists do use highways. But it simply isn’t fair to rely on the gas tax as the big infrastructure funding solution for the future. It would be much fairer, and just as feasible given current technology, to let the states toll many more highways and to lean on higher truck tolls especially.

The Only Way President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Works

The focus on projects that contribute to GDP growth is what makes the President’s plan workable – or at least worth considering – in this age of massive deficits. Congress should keep the focus there and resist the temptation to siphon money off to boondoggles (like bike paths, parks and trails) that do not produce a return on investment through GDP growth.

Infrastructure: Trump swims downstream

Editors, Washington Examiner

Trump’s main goal in this infrastructure package should be to give states the means to control their own infrastructure and to shrink the role of the federal government. That’s not just because we believe in smaller government and decision-making at the most conveniently local level, although we do, but because the federal role already is shrinking through inertia, and has been for some time.

Do Nothing Congress Creating Deadly Enthusiasm Gap For GOP

While President Trump holds a 47 percent approval rating, at 29 percent Speaker Paul Ryan's abysmal approval rating is beginning to drag down the whole GOP, and especially its establishment candidates.

An Infrastructure Fix

William S. Lind and Glen D. Bottoms, The American Conservative

President Hoover has Hoover Dam, FDR has the Tennessee Valley Authority, and Ike has the interstate highway system. Each is a memorial to a president who wanted to do something big. The opportunities are there for President Trump to do the same. Short of building a pyramid, infrastructure offers him the best opportunity to put his name up in lights.

Mayors think they may have a partner in populist Trump

Salena Zito, Washington Examiner

City services include fire and police, parks and recreation, sanitation and water, roads and bridges, public transportation and schools, cyber capabilities, and so on. Mayors need to maintain a strong tax base for such services and the personnel necessary to support them. This has become very difficult as many of those who use the services choose to live outside of city limits and beyond the tax base.

Stormy Weather: Brown’s Budget Holds Infrastructure Hostage

Steven Greenhut, The American Spectator

While funding many of the majority party’s priorities — from welfare programs to raises for public employees to efforts to battle climate change — he leaves insufficient resources to deal with the nuts-and-bolts of roads and freeways and water systems. Instead of making this a priority, Gov. Jerry Brown shortchanges it and calls for the public to support increased taxes and fees to pay for desperately needed projects.

Will Donald Trump do for infrastructure what he did for Wollman Rink?

Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

Trump's proposal for massive infrastructure spending holds out the opportunity to transform government spending programs much as he transformed the process of building an ice skating rink in the beautiful infrastructure Frederick Olmstead designed built in the time of the Civil War.