Jessie Liu

President Trump Starts to Drain the Swamp, Yanks Jessie Liu Treasury Dept. Nomination

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media

Trump has now learned the details of what is going on inside one Justice Department office, the D.C. United States Attorney's office. He also learned details about people who accepted appointments in his administration and took their jobs while holding their noses. This was the week that Trump got his sea-legs. He campaigned on draining the swamp, and he has learned how subtle and how sophisticated the swamp is. The “career lawyers” at the Justice Department did not stand for election and win. The entire Department should take note. There is a unitary executive. Elections matter. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that President Donald Trump is keeping his promises.

FLASH: Trump Withdraws Jessie Liu Nomination

FLASH: President Trump has withdrawn the nomination of Jessie Liu who was scheduled for her confirmation hearing on Thursday at 10:00am. Ms. Liu will be under oath. If any Senator on that committee is brave enough to ask our tough questions it is Senator Tom Cotton. We urge CHQ readers and friends to contact Sen. Cotton and urge him to get answers to our questions. Contact Sen. Cotton’s DC office at (202) 224-2353.