John Kasich

Repub. 2016ers Woo Vegas Casino Donor Crowd

Kenneth P. Vogel, Politico

GOP-E megadonor and Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson was wooed by the usual 2016 establishment Repub. hopefuls Chris Christie, Govs. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, John Kasich of Ohio and Jeb Bush at the Republican Jewish Coalition's spring meeting.

Kasich: OCare Medicaid Expansion is Conservative

Jason Hart, Red State

GOP-E Ohio Gov. John Kasich lied to yet another Fox News host, spinning the Obamacare Medicaid expansion as a conservative program for the drug-addicted and mentally ill that will not increase federal spending.

Kasich Lies to Fox’s Cavuto About OCare Money

Jason Hart, Red State

Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Repub., repeated what has become his go-to lie about Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion when Fox News host Neil Cavuto brought up the topic during a March 18 interview.

GOP-E Kasich Wants to Redefine Conservatism

Jason Hart, Red State

Kasich proudly champions the 'Democrat Lite' philosophy. “I have a right to shape what conservative philosophy means,” OH Gov. John Kasich told reporters when asked how he plans to explain recent forays into big-gov't Republicanism to conservative voters.

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Kasich Faces TEA Party Challenger

Tal Kopan, Politico

OH Gov. John Kasich will get a tea party challenge in the primary, a reaction to his support for policies including promoting Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. Local tea party leader Ted Stevenot will announce his candidacy, along with his lt. gov. candidate, former OH Black Repubs. Assoc. President Brenda Mack.

Tea Party Medicare Wrath Comes to OH

John Seewer, Associated Press

Conservatives warned Repub. lawmakers in Ohio not to support the expansion of Medicaid. Now the Tea Party is recruiting an opponent for R. state Rep. Barbara Sears.

Midwestern Blueprint for the GOP

Jim Vanderhei, Politico

Several Republican governors are showing how to reform government and remain popular with voters.