John James

To win Michigan in 2020, it’s all about focus (according to GOP senate candidate John James)

Jason Russell, Washington Examiner

As a black Republican with both a military and a business background who speaks well and doesn’t compromise his principles, James has a bright political future ahead of him, assuming he can get past Peters. But he remains focused on the task at hand. I asked him an admittedly silly question about the future. What might happen if he gets a prime time address at the 2020 Republican National Convention, beats Peters, and makes a name for himself in the Senate? What if he starts getting invited to speak in Iowa and New Hampshire? James immediately cut me off: “The first thing I need to do is win this Senate seat.”

Republicans Just Scored A Strong Recruit In The Michigan Senate Race

Geoffrey Skelley, 538

During the campaign, James attracted support from top Republicans, including President Trump. James’s showing immediately put him on 2020 candidates-to-watch lists, and Democrat Sen. Gary Peters’s seat seemed like a likely target. Election handicappers agree that the Michigan race favors the Democrats, though there is some disagreement as to how much. With James in the race, the Cook Political Report and Inside Elections rate the contest as “likely” to go Democratic, but Sabato’s Crystal Ball says the race only “leans” toward the Democrats. Peters starts as a favorite, but James gives Republicans a real chance of winning Michigan’s Senate race in 2020.

John James Could Be the Future Republicans Have Been Waiting for

Salena Zito, Washington Examiner

James has zero name ID in the state, no establishment ties, no inherited built-in grassroots infrastructure. But for a party that is desperate to introduce young, vibrant and innovative voices to Congress, James is certainly one to watch, not just for Michiganders but for the entire country. Rarely do major political parties give the new guy the keys to Washington, D.C. Typically, you have to wait your turn.