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Silence and Betrayals of GOP Senate Leaders Killing America

The silence of Republican leaders has led Democratic leaders to think they’re winning the battle over the future of America. And why shouldn’t the Democrats think they can win? For the past three years the GOP’s congressional leaders hid whenever any part of Donald Trump’s conservative – populist MAGA agenda came up, avoiding any showdown with the Democrats over everything from the Wall to the revolution going on in the streets of Democrat-controlled cities.

How Senator Cory Gardner Can Revive His Flagging Campaign

Here’s our advice to Senator Gardner: Fire your Mitch McConnell endorsed consultants and get out on the campaign trail with state Rep. Patrick Neville. Go to every town in Colorado with a radio station and every city with a TV station and call a rally to “Back the Blue,” and make it clear that you will tolerate no violence from ANTIFA or BLM thugs. Tell the law-abiding citizens and voters of Colorado you stand for law and order against Hickenlooper and the Far Left New Democrats that are behind his campaign.

How To Lose Your Majority - Message To Mitch McConnell And Senate GOP

We have a simple explanation of the problem and a simple answer that will guarantee a Republican majority in the Senate: Your problem is you have spent that past three years betraying the GOP base that elected Donald Trump President, so stop betraying conservatives, get off your ass and fight for the MAGA agenda and you will win. Keep doing what you are doing, and you will lose.

Republicans should accelerate confirmation of judges in 2019

Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

For conservatives who care about gun rights, religious liberty, economic freedom, free speech, protecting the unborn, and a whole host of other issues, the composition of the court in the coming decades will be crucial. As openly socialist ideas gain ground among a new generation of liberals, Democrats will be attempting to push the boundaries of central power to realize their goals. A critical mass of judges on the bench who adhere to the Constitution will be a bulwark against this encroachment on individual liberties. If liberals are to transform America, it should at least require the hard work of winning elections and passing legislation rather than being made possible through a judicial shortcut.