judgeless warrants

CHQ Rallies Conservative Leaders To Defend Fourth Amendment

Led by CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, American Target Advertising President of Corporate Affairs attorney Mark Fitzgibbons, Former Virginia Attorney General Ken T. Cuccinelli, III and CHQ Editor George Rasley a group of 35 prominent conservative leaders has submitted comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau demanding the bureau respect the protections of the Fourth Amendment.

Time to end ‘dangerous’ judgeless warrants

Our friend and colleague Mark J. Fitzgibbons has an excellent article in today's Washington Examiner explaining how a dangerous, and unconstitutional, procedure of “administrative subpoenas.” These are warrants not signed by a judge to obtain records and other evidence by the government. These judgeless subpoenas are now especially prevalent in targeting telephone and computer records, but have been used in many ways that transgress the law.