Justice Roberts

Justice Roberts and a flirtation on the dark side

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has demonstrated an independence from public expectations and he has shown a willingness to vote with the court’s liberal justices on frequent occasion. He may be demonstrating the principled respect for the Constitution and the law that conservatives expected. But it’s too soon to say he has pulled a David Souter and gone over to the dark side. The Roberts record on the High Court shows him to be a generally reliable conservative judge, far more conservative than most of his predecessors.

Trump is Right About Judges And Roberts Is In Denial

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Instead of speaking the painful the truth, Chief Justice Roberts chose to attack the one guy who was telling it like every single one of us know it is. Instead of calling on his robed solons to do the hard work of applying the law and not their personal policy preferences, Chief Justice Roberts compounded the problem that is undermining the judiciary.  Getting mad at Trump (and, by extension, the half of America that supports him) for pointing out that the judge has no robe is the most establishment thing ever.