Katie Hill

Fired-Up Conservative Voters Power GOP Wins In California And Wisconsin Special Elections

Conservatives powered the GOP to two important congressional special election victories: Tom Tiffany in WI-07 and Mike Garcia in CA-25. Tiffany won a convincing victory in an Obama district Trump won in 2016, and Garcia leads with 56 percent of the vote of the 143,000 ballots counted so far. Democrats can still steal his victory because in California, mailed ballots can count as long as they are postmarked by Tuesday and received by Friday. FLASH: Democrat Christy Smith conceded to Republican Mike Garcia in the special election for California’s 25th Congressional District.

Katie Hill Finds Her Shills

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

Rep. Katie Hill resigned after only 10 months on the job. On her way out, Hill was honored by the media elites for giving a lectern-pounding farewell address in which she claimed she was victimized by a sexist double standard. This is downright bizarre. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted Hill was not forced out of office by her party and decried Hill's "humiliation by ... cyber exploitation." Pelosi added that she has warned her children and grandchildren that "appearances" like Hill's "can come back to haunt you if they are taken out of context." But the only people wrenching Hill's reckless alleged sexual behavior with staff members out of context are liberals.

Katie Hill may scold, but she's not a victim

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Make no mistake: The furious spin to cast her resignation as one of enforced victimhood because of photographs and misogyny is simply the preferred narrative to explain away the implosion of a newly elected candidate. This is, in reality, a story about judgment and character, and the lack thereof. Ultimately, we are reminded on a daily basis that the Democratic Party and feminism of the last century delivered the cancer of identity politics to our nation. They have forgotten that the American people want leadership, not slogans and symbols. We want solutions to the issues we face as normals, not scolds blaming us for their failures.

The Coming War Over Kinky Katie Hill’s Congressional Seat

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Fortunately, we have a Republican candidate in the 25th with a proven track record of being tough. He’s Mike Garcia, and he’s a Navy fighter pilot. This is no time for shenanigans or vanity candidacies. This is the time to clear the field and rally around the guy who strapped himself to jet engines and took off to drop bombs on bad people over in the sandbox. We need a warrior. This fight will make all those other special election fights we’ve won lately look as peaceful and tranquil as one of Katie Hill’s naked hair brushing sessions. This is the decisive battle, right here, in the 25th. This is where we turn it around and counterattack to take back the House.

Exit, Lying

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

God forbid, however, that any of the allegedly objective professionals in the political press corps should bother digging up any facts that might adversely impact the Democratic Party. Instead, they pliantly repeat whatever Democrats tell them, including Ms. Hill’s claim that she is the victim of an “abusive husband” (despite praising him as “the love of my life” in social media posts during her campaign). Democrats tell lies, the “fake news” media report these lies as if they were true, and everybody is supposed to pretend we don’t notice any discrepancies. Goodbye, then, to Katie Hill, who leaves Washington the same way she came in — exit, lying.

The Naked Democrat

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Common sense (which has now become very rare) would tell us that it’s unrealistic to expect “private” nude photos would always remain private, especially if the photos are of someone in a highly public career like politics. Didn’t Katie Hill learn any lessons from the Anthony Weiner scandal? No, of course not. Fools never learn their lessons, no matter how obvious the lessons might be. As Kipling put it, “the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire.” Ms. Hill seems to have learned nothing from her experience, releasing a defiant YouTube video statement and vowing on Twitter that “the fight continues,” whatever that means.