Trump Rolls Back Another Obama Job Killer

President Trump's action ordering the Attorney General to settle the lawsuits pending over Obama's Clean Energy plan opens the possibility that the Attorney General could enter consent agreements with the states, trade associations, rural electric co-ops and labor unions that would put his pro-growth energy policies into a legal framework that would be difficult if not impossible for a future president or Congress to unwind.

Andrew C. McCarthy: Yes, Ted Cruz Is A Natural Born Citizen

National Review's Andrew C. McCarthy explains why Ted Cruz is indeed eligible to run for President and says on substance, Donald Trump’s self-serving cracks about his rival are specious and that “Senator Ted Cruz is wise to laugh off Donald Trump’s intimation that his constitutional qualifications to serve as president may be debatable.”

TEAParty Mom Wins Lawsuit After Arrest For Beliefs

Noah Rothman, Hot Air

Nancy Genovese has been awarded $1.2 mill. by a jury which determined that Suffolk Cty. had been falsely prosecuted her. Genovese’s claims that her arresting officer made it clear that he was discriminating against her for her conservative political beliefs.

Your Chimp’s Lawyer Is On The Line

If, in these days when the President is America’s lawbreaker in chief, you are inclined to agree with Charles Dickens’ Mr. Bumble that “the law is an ass,” then read on about Tommy the chimp's fight for his right to legal "personhood."