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The violent Left is a serious problem, stop parroting their propaganda

Editors, Washington Examiner

This is a dangerous time in the life of the nation. The violent Left wants to take advantage of a rise in popular belief in the illegitimacy of the United States government. They are also trying to use their battle with white nationalists in order to gain sympathy from ordinary people for their vile cause. Beware, therefore, that when you call them nice names like “anti-fascist,” you are helping them achieve that goal.

Trump vs the Cult of Political Correctness

When we look at this week’s protests during the Trump -- Pence inauguration and their potential for violence we need to see most protesters for what they are; victims of Far-Left propaganda and the cult of political correctness.

Why Obama Is Staying In Washington

Obama’s decision to stay in DC was simple; he’s staying around to stagemanage the continuation of the Soros-funded racial polarization of America and to focus those efforts where they will stifle election integrity efforts and make Eric Holder’s job at the National Democratic Redistricting Committee that much easier.

The Summer Revolution Part 2: Democrats to Spend $800,000 to Disrupt GOP Convention

It wouldn’t matter whether Donald Trump or Jeb Bush was leading the Republican field – a summer of radical Leftist violence is coming, and it was planning, building and organizing long before Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican candidate for President. And in their plans to disrupt the GOP Convention Democrats will be working hand-in-glove with their allies on the far-Left, many funded by Leftist billionaire George Soros.