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New Rep Hardy on TEAParty Conservatism, Libertarianism

Amber Phillips, Las Vegas Sun

Hardy is focused on how he can use his blend of Tea Party conservatism and pragmatic libertarianism to lift gov't's burden on Nevadans. "I'm about as far right as you can get on the issues. But I'm a realist," he added. 

Repub. Rout at State Level = Backlash Against Fed. Control

Washington Examiner Staff

Americans have reacted to President Obama by choosing more conservative rule at the local level.

Top 7 Observations from Election Night

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

Election night was a referendum on Obama, Dems are an urban party, young voters waking up, people want less government, now there are only 7 states where D's control the trifecta of state gov't, & R's haven't done enough to defend marriage & state’s rights.