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Banned from Reading the Bible In Missouri

Jennifer Burke, Tea Party News Network

In Marshall, Missouri, a father says that being banned from reading the Bible in school is precisely what happened to his son.

TX Professor: 'Tea party Are Like the Nazi's'

Joshua Fecher,

A YouTube video of Blake Armstrong, psychology professor at South Texas College in McAllen, comparing the rise of the tea party in the U.S. to the rise of the Nazi Party in 1930s Germany has drawn criticism from conservatives online. 'The tea party are like the Nazis,'" he said.

Even Common Core Math Is Politicized

Bob Unruh, WND

A recent report reveals that courses push 'children to change political opinions to match those espoused by teachers.'

What Elastic Clause?

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media

A written Constitution, free from the phony Elastic Clause and power for a president to issue edicts, is what keeps them free. 

School :Gay Is Okay, But Pro-Lifers Must Go

WND Staff

A team of constitutional experts is blasting  a Tacoma, Wash., high school for promoting a pro-homosexual agenda while censoring a pro-life campaign in the classrooms and hallways.

U of SC Textbook's Disgusting Attack of Reagan, Conservatives

Jennifer Burke, Tea Party News Network

A textbook by Cengage used by the Univ. of SC is disparaging Reagan by portraying him as a racist, a sexist, as well as stating that conservatives view people as ‘lazy and non-charitable’.

Common Core Curriculum Twists The Facts

Eric Owens, Daily Caller

Common Core lesson plans attack Ronald Reagan, list Abraham Lincoln's religion as 'liberal,' and suggest the 2000 election of George W. Bush was "unfair."