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IRS Investigation Getting Dangerous For Senate Dem Carl Levin

Little wonder that Michigan Democratic Senator Carl Levin is trying to obfuscate the facts in the IRS targeting scandal – he was one of the prime motivators of the agency’s illegal targeting of Tea Party and conservative organizations and it looks like he is now trying to cover his tracks.

Judicial Watch Outs IRS Lies About Hiding Lois Lerner's Emails

The revelation that Lois Lerner's email could be recovered from a government-wide back-up system reminds us anew of the arrogant smirk on the face of IRS Chief John Koskinen's face as he testified before Congress that Lois Lerner's emails could not be recovered. This article includes must see video of Judical Watch's Tom Fitton explaining the significance of the latest IRS admission about Lerner's missing emails.

IRS lawyer: Hard Drives of Others Also Crashed

Allahpundit, Hot Air

If the hard drives were professionally destroyed because they were corrupted beyond repair, there must be an invoice somewhere. The hard drives of “less than 20″ employees can’t just conveniently go missing, not at the one federal agency that demands scrupulous documentation in its interactions with the public.

Issa: Lois Lerner’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Email

Kendall Breitman, Politico

“[This is] a smoking gun, this is Lois Lerner clearly cautioning people not to say things on email and be delighted to find out that the local instant chat [messages] wasn’t tracking what they said,” Issa stated.

Contractor: Easy to Find Lerner's 'Lost' Emails

Alana Cook, WND

The CEO of a major a fed. contractor, which has several contracts with the Treasury Dept., says it should be easy for IRS contractors to retrieve the “lost” emails of Lois Lerner, and says it's 'very unlikely' they're 'not stored on backup machine.'