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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Newt Gingrich the key to ending #NeverTrump?

Conservative blogger Erick Erickson may have provided a clue on how to get #NeverTrumpers to support The Donald. Plus, Republicans are warming to Donald Trump because he’s the voters’ outsider of choice; If Trump names Cabinet members ahead of the election, he might be breaking the law, and, Rubio rues his handling of “Marco Roboto” moment in New Hampshire.

Rubio Rants On Twitter: I Got This Politics Thing, So Back Off

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

Okay, Senator Rubio. We get it. You know what you’re doing (because you have always known what you’re doing, right?). You have a plan, and have told nobody close to you what it is, because they would share it with unreliable reporters like Chris Cillizza.

Trump: Rubio not being considered for VP

Evelyn Rupert, The Hill

Donald Trump is denying the information about his VP search that Ben Carson reportedly gave the Washington Post, saying specifically that Marco Rubio (and most others mentioned) is not being considered.

How Many Innocent Americans Will Paul Ryan’s Immigration Policies Kill?

Paul Ryan, you and arrogant politicians like you are responsible for the murders of Jeremy Waters, Michael Capps, Clint Harter, Austin Harter and Randy J. Nordman, and the many that will undoubtedly follow, because your cowardice and political correctness allows illegal aliens like Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino to legally escape custody and stay in America. And you want another term in Congress?

Are Conservatives Coming Around To Trump?

CHQ's endorsed candidate for the open Senate seat in Florida, Congressman Ron DeSantis, yesterday issued a strong statement calling for Republican unity behind Donald Trump. In a state that fielded two of Trump's competitors in the GOP primaries DeSantis' statement took some guts, especially given that one of his earliest and biggest backers - the Club for Growth - have been leaders of the #NeverTrump movement.