Marco Rubio Gang of Eight amnesty for illegal aliens

Cruz and Trump Rout Rubio in Miami GOP Debate

Last night’s debate was probably Marco Rubio’s last stand and it showed once again that the reason Rubio is losing is not a lack of political skill or charm on his part – it is that his policies on immigration, amnesty for illegal aliens and support for the failed Obama-Clinton disasters in the Middle East are far out of synch with the views of the limited government constitutional conservative grassroots of the Republican Party.

Rubio's Survival Is on the Line in Tonight's Debate

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

When the Republican field meets to debate Thursday in the tony enclave of Coral Gables, the Florida senator will trail Donald Trump by roughly 17 points in the RealClearPolitics polling average, still reeling from a punishing round of primaries Tuesday in which he won no delegates.

It’s Already Over for Rubio

Philip Diehl, The American Conservative

Recent polls are available in eight of the 12 states that elect delegates bound to candidates tomorrow. In the states that seem best suited for Rubio and Kasich, mid-February polls find Trump holding big leads over Rubio—26 points in Massachusetts and 15 points in Vermont. In more bad news for Rubio, Kasich is close enough to beat him in both states.

Establishment seeks U.S.S. Marco Rubio to save it from Donald Trump

Charles Hurt, The Washington Times

Now that Donald Trump's punching bag Jeb! Bush is gone and the establishment is all clamoring on the only floating life raft left, the U.S.S. Marco Rubio. But it is tiny craft and it is always taking on water.