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Winter Is Coming

Moscow has steadily pursued naval expansion, with a focus on undersea capabilities. A modernization program announced in 2011 – the same time Obama stood-down the 2nd Fleet – directed more money toward submarines, producing quieter, more lethal designs. Moscow has brought online or overhauled 13 subs since 2014, now in response Trump is reactivating the 2nd Fleet.

Trump Is Justified in Using the Military Budget for the Wall

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Given Hezbollah's activities just to our south (and everywhere), a solid case can be made for building the border wall out of the military budget for national security reasons. The drug trade cum terrorist funding cum actual terrorism should easily suffice. If building the wall through military money goes forward, and let's hope it does, Ann Coulter, among others, can exhale.

Republicans Want to Spend Ever More on the Military, but the U.S. is Broke

While Americans will sacrifice if America is threatened, they aren’t likely to look kindly at proposals to, say, cut Social Security and Medicare because the Europeans don’t want to cut their social programs in order to hike military outlays.

Trump Admin Has Opportunity to Rebuild Military, Shrink Bloated Government

Alan West and David Grantham, CNS News

The traditional government budgeting system is simply not working. Zero-based budgeting could specifically help refocus defense priorities by ensuring money is spent in areas that promote readiness. A biannual application may also improve the outcome. Successful implementation in the DoD would encourage Congress to target other departments of government that would have a difficult time justifying their existence.

An ideal defense project for Trump's legacy

Editors, Washington Examiner

The fact Trump wants to build the military substantially presents him with a challenge and an opportunity. He is no respecter of Washington's conventions and taboos. So, as he pursues his plan to make the U.S. military great again, we hope he defies the bureaucracy and begins the process of ending its massive waste and mismanagement.