Hollywood Scare Stories Are Driving Our Politics

John Fund, National Review

The Left has long understood the role that popular culture can play in shaping politics. Conservatives have largely ignored the radicalization of Hollywood in this struggle. It’s time that many people who give money to conservative candidates recognize the need also to finance media projects that promote their values. One example is a proposed big-budget biographical film about Ronald Reagan, starring Dennis Quaid. If conservatives wind up losing elections and thereby ceding public policy to the Left, they will have only themselves to blame for ignoring the war over popular culture that has been steering younger voters to think in more-radical terms.

Success of ‘American Sniper’ Rekindles Culture War Over Iraq

Elise Viebeck, The Hill

Clint Eastwood's box office smash “American Sniper” is opening a new front in the culture wars by reigniting debate over the Iraq War. It has quickly turned into the most politically charged movie of the year as pundits weigh in on its portrayal of Chris Kyle.

American Sniper: Chris Kyle's Values Are The Only Way To Save America

American Sniper is a celebration of the patriotism, integrity and intelligence of the “country class” of Americans who volunteer for and serve in our armed forces. It is also a reminder that it is they, and they alone, that stand between the West and our defeat by radical Islam.

My Favorite James Garner Movie

In Grand Prix, James Garner's flawed hero Pete Aron and his fellow drivers put it all on the line to win – second doesn’t matter.

Ben Hart Movie Review: A+ for Dinesh D’Souza’s AMERICA

The theater was packed. Every person in the theater stayed through the entire rolling of the credits at the end, with our national anthem as the soundtrack . . . and sang along with it.

2013's Cultural Winners & Losers

L. Brent Bozell III, Newsbusters

Let's assess the winners in losers in American culture for '13. The first obvious winner is "Duck Dynasty" and Phil Robertson. He's a winner for standing by his Christian principles after inartful remarks about homosexuality.