Muslim terrorism

Orlando Massacre: Muslim Kills Gays To Enforce Shariah In America

Omar Mateen’s attack on the Pulse nightclub during Gay Pride Week was a “twofer” for any observant Muslim; first, he was able to enforce Shariah by killing unbelievers who were homosexuals; second, he was able to follow Islamic State emir Abu Mohammed al-Adnani’s admonition to sow terror in the American heartland.

Remains from EgyptAir wreckage examined amid conflict over initial findings

Erin Cunningham, The Washington Post

Senior forensic officials, speaking to Reuters and the Associated Press, were quoted as saying that the small size of the body parts suggested some type of explosion tore the plane apart last week over the Mediterranean, killing all 66 aboard. But the head of Egypt’s Forensic Authority, Hesham Abdelhamid, called the reports “mere assumptions” that do not reflect any official position from investigators. 

Would You Fly On This American Airlines Plane?

Why, after the Blind Sheikh's bombing of the World Trade Center, 9/11, the rise of ISIS, and a multitude of Muslim terrorist attacks, including the downing of Russia’s MetroJet Flight 9268 with a bomb planted by an insider, and now EgyptAir Flight 804, do we allow Sharia-compliant Muslims to access soft targets like airliners?