Muslim Brotherhood in America

Truth and Khansequences

Autry J. Pruitt, The American Spectator

Instead of correcting the record in the media and defending their presidential nominee, Republicans immediately shifted into Loser Mode. Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could have used their television appearances in recent days to correct the deliberate distortions in the media. Instead, they became the latest example of Republicans refusing to be winners.

YouTube bans video exposing Muslim Brotherhood

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

The latest example of the West’s instant capitulation and adherence to Sharia is YouTube’s decision to ban a video produced by Counter Jihad, which exposes the stealth jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. The video explains how there are two different facets of jihad – violent jihad and civilization jihad. While the information is pretty basic to anyone who has followed this issue, YouTube has pulled that video declaring it a violation of its “hate speech” policy.

Obama Officials Skip Cruz Hearing on 'Islamic Terrorism'

Cathy Burke, NewsMax

In the past year the Obama administration has twice ordered that mentions of the terror group ISIS and "Islamic terrorism" be purged "from highly significant public records,"Cruz said.