Juicy Wallace Wrecks NASCAR

Scott McKay, The American Spectator

Wallace was rewarded for playing the victim. Before he knew what had happened, his car was being pushed into pole position at Talladega and he was suddenly the most famous driver in the world. Race card driver, that is. It would have taken a lot to pull back from that. But in such an idiotic time as this, to be truly exceptional and worthy of fame is to rise above the stupidity. Which Wallace did not do. He’s forever going to be known as the promoter of a destructive and divisive racial hoax, regardless of what success he might have in future NASCAR races. NASCAR itself may well be in jeopardy.

Remember the 'NASCAR Democrats?' Neither do they

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Seriously, Democrats, thank you for trying. For trying to understand normal God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans. Because there are none of those Democrats left any more. Democratic politicians today no longer even pretend to like America or American voters. This is a major reason why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. And now they seem hellbent to repeat the same mistake this time. Watching the president’s limo — nicknamed “The Beast” — lap the track as the racing cars roared and rumbled behind it had to be a sight to behold. Not in attendance in Daytona were Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or Mike Bloomberg. If there were any of the elusive “NASCAR Democrats” there, they were not speaking up.

Trump Drives Democrats Crazy At Daytona

We think that maybe Kelly O’Donnell is not old enough to remember the 1992 presidential campaign, but Maggie Haberman certainly is, and so we contrast the reception President Trump got at the Daytona 500 with the reception Bill Clinton got in 1992 when his motorcade entered Darlington speedway, where 70,000 rabid stock-car fans awaited the start of the Southern 500.