Et Tu, Nashville — How ‘Liberal’ Democrats Ruin American Cities

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

I moved to Nashville from Los Angeles a couple of years ago because LA had turned into a cesspit. Nashville is now teetering on the brink of being another textbook case in the decline of an American city of which we there are now so many we will soon need an abacus to keep up. So Nashville is not the place I moved to even two years ago. Does that mean I’m about to leave? No, it’s still immensely better than where I came from. The decimation of Santa Monica and West Hollywood occurred after I left. Nothing remotely like that has happened in Nashville. I will stay here and fight to do my little bit to keep it that way.

Nashville City Officials Stand By Decision to Turn Away Christian Activist at Muslim Event Where Mayor Barry Spoke

Wendy Wilson, The Tennessee Star

Jay Chamness wanted to know why he couldn’t attend the event since it was advertised as being open to the public. He contacted city officials about what happened and in an email response, Barry spokesman Sean Braisted said that it was “a privately held event that was open to members of the public at the discretion of the sponsors of the event” and that the right to protest “does not extend to being permitted on private property to disrupt or protest a peaceful event.”

How To Attend A #SpiritOfAmerica Rally This Saturday

We strongly urge CHQ readers to attend a #SpiritofAmerica rally in their area, you can locate them through the Main Street Patriots website, and if there isn’t one in your area, you can still show your support by organizing an impromptu street corner flag and sign waving demonstration, much as many people did to show support for President Trump during the campaign.

Ralph Bristol on March 4 Pro-Trump Rally: 'There is No Hate in Our Position. The Media Have Manufactured the Charge of Hate Without Evidence'

Tennessee Star Staff, Tennessee Star

Nashville’s Morning News host Ralph Bristol told his listening audience on Monday that his speech to the March 4 Spirit of America rally will focus on an honest portrayal of American citizens who support President Donald Trump. “I’m going to use this occasion to speak to Trump’s detractors, in the media, and on the opposite side of the issues that have people so upset, about the people who are attending the rally. I’m not going to speak to the people at the rally, I’m going to speak about them,” Bristol said.

Thousand-Plus Gather for Ted Cruz in Nashville Ahead of Christmas

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

Buoyed by a recent Quinnipiac Poll that shows Cruz has narrowed the gap behind front runner Donald Trump to just four points (28 percent to 24 percent), the junior Senator from Texas brimmed with confidence in his speech to voters in this important March 1 SEC primary state.