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Trump can see Greenland from his house

Sarah Palin, Breitbart

It’s precisely because of Greenland’s strategic location that we put our northernmost military base there. The Thule Air Force base is crucial to our nation’s missile defense system. Again, is it any wonder why China is so eager to get a foothold in Greenland? As William Seward knew when he purchased Alaska from the Russians, controlling a strategic location allows the United States to establish a forward base and prevent our enemies from doing the same. So, as a matter of national security as well as economic prosperity, it makes sense for the United States to have a strong footprint in Greenland.

China Racing The U.S. To The Golden Trabant

Will 16 Psyche spawn space pirates, as R.A. Lafferty predicted in “The Golden Trabant,” or make everyone on Earth a billionaire, as the writers at seem to hope? Both of those outcomes seem doubtful, but what is certain is that the industrialization of space will disrupt the world’s economy, and that is too dangerous a power to be handed-over to Red China.

Green New Deal Reveals the Naked Truth of Agenda 21

The Green New Deal's multiple threats to property rights and individual liberty vindicate our friend Tom DeWeese's many warnings that "smart growth" and the UN's Agenda 21 were just the beginning of the Left's war on private property and the idea of limited constitutional government.

Sustainable Development: Code for Reorganizing Human Society

“The chaotic growth of cities will be replaced by a dynamic system of urban settlement…The region is formed by the economic interdependence of its development, from the industrial complex to the industrial region. The region has a single system of transportation, a centralized administration, and a united system of education and research.” Alexei Gutnov, The Ideal Communist City

President Trump Was Right To Revise National Monument Boundaries

Democratic Presidents used their purported authority under the Antiquities Act to lock-up millions of acres of land of dubious historical or environmental value. President Trump’s revision of the boundaries of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante monuments strikes the right balance between protection and development.