Nevada caucuses

Crap Shoot: Caucusing at the Bellagio

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

The craps analogy weirdly applies to all the roughly 250 caucuses taking place across Nevada because the system really is a “crap shoot” in the true sense of that hoary phrase, mixed in with a little poker. Call it “jacks to open, trips to win.” Don’t believe me? If it’s a tie between two candidates at one of the precincts, a mint deck of cards is unwrapped (just like at the 21 table), cut a minimum of seven times and then drawn by representatives of the candidates. Aces are high, in case you’re interested, and, in the event of a tie, spades win, clubs lose. Does this sound like democracy? Not to me. But at least the Nevadans, unlike the Iowans, have early voting, assuming the iPads work.