Here's What To Do If Paul Ryan Sends You A BRE

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (WI-1) must be feeling the heat from principled limited government constitutional conservative Paul Nehlen, his opponent in Wisconsin's upcoming Republican primary. For the first time ever one of our friends received a fundraising letter from Speaker Ryan; here's the response, which we urge all conservatives to adopt when approached by Ryan for a contribution to re-elect him to continue his destructive collaboration with Obama and the Democrats. #DumpRyan #NeverRyan

Trump vs Cruz Battle Must Not Break the Conservative Movement

The natural beneficiaries of the current bloodletting between the conservative and populist wings of the anti-establishment coalition are the Republican establishment, Hillary Clinton and the Far-Left who seek to maintain and expand their power by undermining constitutional liberty and continuing the crony economic policies that have devastated America’s country class for two decades. #NeverHillary #NeverRyan

Wisconsin’s Most Important Election Wasn’t Yesterday’s Presidential Primary

The most important vote for Wisconsin conservatives and populists was not counted last night. It is the coming August 9 Republican congressional primary. Until Paul Ryan is defeated, and Paul Nehlen nominated and elected, the Washington Cartel will remain firmly in control of the US House of Representatives. #NeverRyan