The Pale Pastel Republicans for Socialism

Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator

The Pale Pastel signers of this 70-person letter from various GOP security officials endorsing Joe Biden, not to mention the Pale Pastel Jeff Flake–led endorsement of Pale Pastel ex-GOP members of Congress for Biden, are nothing remotely new. This wing of the GOP repeatedly produces disastrous party nominees with names stretching from Dewey to McCain and Romney and others. What is new is that the socialist agenda of the Biden/Harris/Bernie/AOC Democrats is out there for all to see, socialism on steroids. Happily we know the names of all the Pale Pastels.

The Folly of the Never Republicans

Rich Lowry, National Review

What the Never Republicans are hoping for is not just a repudiation of Trump. They want the least resistance to the most progressive president of our lifetimes to give him the greatest possible running room on abortion, conscience rights, health care, judges, climate, immigration, transgender policy, policing, gun rights, campaign finance, taxes, spending and, surely, things we can’t even think of yet. This is a high cost to pay, not just for the GOP, but for the country — at least that’s what you think if you are a conservative who believes progressives are deeply wrong on all these questions.

Failed Never Trump Pundits Don't Speak for You, But MSM Can't Get Enough of Them

Larry O'Connor, Townhall

We are not obsessed with you. We resent your continued prominent position that you did not earn through accuracy or hard work. You continue to have a place at the table for one reason and one reason only: You satisfy the needs of left-leaning networks to further distort the center-right perspective in American politics and to give the false impression that the president faces serious opposition from fellow Republicans. We were right. You were wrong. We are still right. You are on the verge of voting for a Marxist. You aren't serious, yet you're taken seriously by the gate-keepers of American media. And you act like you earned that place. As if you deserve it. That sucks... and, yes, we resent it.

The Left Dumps NeverTrump

Julie Kelly, American Greatness

Suddenly, the Left realized that not only are NeverTrumpers uninvited interlopers in the Democratic Party but they are outcasts in the GOP, too. NeverTrump, as all of us on the Right have noted since 2016, does not represent the views of the overwhelming majority of rank-and-file Republicans. The Jennifer Rubins and David Frenches and Max Boots of the world reflect a teeny tiny faction of disgruntled GOP voters, perhaps no more significant than the intraparty defection routinely faced by any president. It’s odd that now this is some sort of stunning revelation, as if NeverTrump’s bleating about Bernie suddenly made them out-of-touch and unrepresentative of the GOP when, in fact, they have been all along.

Jeb Bush Urges Republicans To Go Back To Being Punching Bags For The Left

One thing Donald Trump will never be is a punching bag, and as a consequence of what Jeb Bush and his ilk view as Trump’s incivility, the Republican Party has returned to its roots as a political movement that fights for its principles, rather than politely compromising them away.

Never Trump challengers fizzle in Iowa voting

Byron York, Washington Examiner

As good as the result was for the Trump team, it was, at best, a discouraging outcome for the Never Trump challenge. In late January, Bill Kristol pleaded on Twitter, "Iowa Republicans: Caucus for Joe Walsh or Bill Weld or uncommitted. You're better than Donald Trump. Don't stoop to support this man so unworthy of your support." Iowa Republicans ignored the entreaty, and others that came before it. Now, the campaign is on to New Hampshire. As in Iowa, Trump has planned a rally in the state before the primary. Again, there will be surrogates, and again, there will be stepped-up online campaigning. The result could be another difficult night for the quixotic Republican effort to stop the president.

Don’t Vote Libertarian And Elect A Democrat President

In this crucial 2020 election, when President Trump is up for re-election and control of the House and Senate hang in the balance, we urge our libertarian-leaning friends not to waste their votes on third-party Libertarian candidates, such as Lincoln Chafee, who have no prayer of winning, but could pull enough votes from Trump and Republican congressional candidates to give Democrats control of the government.

Anti-Trump Christians, Would You Prefer a President Who Supports Secular Social Agenda?

Cal Thomas, Townhall

What the anti-Trump forces are uncomfortable with are the resumes of people who voted for and still support the president. They are not part of the elites. They didn't go to the "right" universities where truth is subjective, if it exists at all. They watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh. They are tired of being treated like second-class citizens who don't deserve to have their principles upheld by a government to which they pay taxes. Would anti-Trump Christians be happier if a liberal Democrat were president, one who supports abortion and the rest of the secular-progressive social agenda and sees the Constitution as a "living document" to be interpreted by individual judges?

Ukrainegate Shows We Need Fred Fleitz As Director Of National Intelligence

The United States needs an effective and uncorrupted intelligence apparatus to play its part in defending the nation, and Fred Fleitz has shown himself to be an adept and able administrator capable of doing the housecleaning necessary to air out the stench of Leftwing partisan politics in the intelligence community.

Conservatives Unravel Deep State Coup Against Trump

In this long article we summarize the tangled backstory conservatives have been able to unravel about the latest Deep State coup against President Trump. The details they have developed reveal a breathtaking assault on the Constitution by a conspiracy of Democrats and Far Left operatives in the intelligence agencies, in Congress and in Soros-funded organizations.

What Conservatives Are Saying About Impeachment

We're with our friend Mark Levin: What a stupid, baseless, phony scandal the Democrats, Nevertrumpers & media are trying to promote. Endless conga line of Democrats and the like crying crocodile tears while covering up for the crooked Biden family. It won’t work.

Kavanaugh Killed the ‘Never Trump’ Movement

Matt K. Lewis, Daily Beast

Long on life-support, the Never Trump “resistance” movement within the Republican Party was finished off by the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight. The death of the Never Trump movement was probably inevitable. It never had a leader or a proactive vision. It turns out that shared dislike for Donald Trump does not a political cause make. The kind of people who are contrarian enough to stand up to their own party’s nominee were, perhaps, not likely to agree on anything. For some reason, things keep falling into place for Trump. Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good.

I'm a NeverTrumper and I'm voting for Trump in 2020

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

The political press has behaved as co-conspirators with the Democrats in the Kavanaugh matter. They have clearly been fully co-opted. Reporters are planting their flags with the so-called Resistance and donning pink hats instead of defending truth and reporting facts. There is much in the present political age about which I am uncertain. But there is one thing about which I am absolutely certain: President Trump is not my enemy, and too many progressives view me as theirs.

The New York Times Belatedly Discovers The Deep State

We hope the publication of the anonymous op-ed in The New York Times galvanizes the President to cull out those establishment Republican hacks, Democrats and Deep State operatives who have been slow walking his policies, but until he puts someone who shares his agenda in charge of White House Personnel that is unlikely to happen.

They Are Not Never Trump – They Are Never You

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

How did our supposed betters get the idea they were better anyway? Have they done anything but go to college and write stuff they didn’t really believe? We are in the midst of a cultural upheaval where our shoddy elite is desperately trying to cling to power and prestige it did not earn, has not wielded competently, and does not deserve. The recent shameful collaboration with the SJW left by those who once fancied themselves our leaders in conservatism just proves, again, how right we were to discard these losers.

Mend the GOP, Don’t Burn It Down

Jay Cost, National Review

The hyperbole of the remaining Never Trumpers is making it harder to fix what is wrong with the GOP. Such intemperate positions draw all the focus and alienate potential reformers who are more amenable to Trump. This makes it more difficult for those of us still actively inside the conservative coalition to bring about change, which for now can only come through encouragement and exhortation rather than extreme calls for razing the Republican party.

#NeverTrumpers dominate media despite Trump party loyalty at historic high

Joe Concha, The Hill

Trump has loyalty from his party like we've never seen outside of George W. Bush, who quickly lost that loyalty once the rallying cry after 9/11 died down. But our media prefers to provide platforms only to a small group of rebels rather than to those who represent the nearly nine out 10 in the party who support the president. You want to know why our media has never been so mistrusted? The big stage provided to #NeverTrumpers serves as Exhibit A.

If you love liberty, don't wish for Democratic victories

Editors, Washington Examiner

We understand conservatives who are angry, frustrated, and embarrassed by Trump. We have repeatedly called on Congress in the past two years to pass laws curbing executive powers. But as long as the Left wishes, nay reveals a determination, to destroy fundamental freedoms, nobody who values liberty should wish for a Democratic takeover of the federal government.

Never-Trumpers Belong in a Museum

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

No, Trump didn't start the fire. The world was ablaze with tribalism and was raising up authoritarians to realize nationalist ends — Xi Jinping, Putin, Narendra Modi in India, Erdogan in Turkey, Gen. el-Sissi in Egypt — before he came down that elevator. And so the elites who were in charge when the fire broke out, and who failed to respond and refused even to recognize it, and who now denounce Trump for how he is coping with it, are unlikely to be called upon again to lead this republic.

The NeverTrump Dilemma

Henry Olsen, American Greatness

Both political necessity and the good of the body politic seem to require change, and it would behoove NeverTrump Republicans to see that sooner rather than later. Should that happen, Trump backers should welcome them back into the fold with open arms—and a willingness to compromise to keep them there. But there are limits. Reagan concluded his 1964 advice to conservatives mourning Barry Goldwater’s defeat with these words: “I don’t think we should turn the high command over to leaders who were traitors in the battle just ended.” NeverTrump Republicans who want to join the other side now should be prepared to do serious penance should they ever change their minds.