Dangerous Curves

Julie Kelly, American Greatness

Are we looking at the right “curve?” And how accurate is the current curve if it doesn’t include possible cases before the height of the hysteria began in late February and early March? This is a dangerous time and not just because of the threat of a treatable disease. Americans are willingly surrendering to government their freedom, their livelihood, their long-term economic security, and their mental well-being over unjustified panic about a virus that might have already spread and now is abating. If this is the new normal, where incomplete data and media-fueled panic rule the day, that is an even more frightening prospect than what’s happening right now.

Is this panic over coronavirus justified, or not?

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

According to, “panic” is “a sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical or irrational behavior, and that often spreads quickly through a group of persons or animals.” On the one hand we are told the coronavirus is nothing to be afraid of, if we take precautions and, on the other, we are told to run for the hills? Is this a biblical plague or a manageable ailment? Are we facing the judgment of God, or will this, too, pass like the flu or a cold, or other ailments from which most of us recover? If the weather is difficult to predict, why would anyone think forecasts related to a virus might be accurate and trustworthy?

The false, fear-based narratives that drive coronavirus panic

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

It is an opportunity to observe media and the establishment develop a narrative in society with the intent on dragging us into their preferred (and usually false and fear-based) narrative. Media and government must be watched like hawks and held to account. On everything. They ridiculed Mr. Trump for reminding us that the coronavirus was like the flu, and we should wash our hands. He wasn’t being enough of an alarmist for the fear-and-control-addicted swamp. Controlling you and your family is of paramount importance to the bureaucratic establishment. Maintaining perspective with facts is imperative; a panicked and fear-driven citizenry is more inclined to give big government even more control.