Paul Nehlen

FLASH: Paul Nehlen Mulls Second Challenge to Speaker Paul Ryan, Cites Failed Leadership On Obamacare

"Ryan's healthcare bill is, to quote Rep. Thomas Massie, a 'stinking pile of garbage,'" said Paul Nehlen. "Conservatives across the nation are panning Ryan's Obamacare 2.0, and it's time Ryan actually stepped up to the plate to deliver on an actual repeal bill instead of the Paul Ryan version of Obamacare."

People like Paul Ryan have ‘hijacked’ America

Lisa Hagen, The Hill

“It’s people like Paul Ryan who have hijacked this great country of ours from us,” Paul Nehlen said.“It’s absolutely criminal what these guys are doing,” he continued, citing the omnibus spending bill and the Puerto Rico debt relief bill that was signed into law by President Obama in late June.

Will Paul Ryan’s Arrogance and Lies Defeat Him?

Whether Paul Ryan is defeated is not so much a measure of Paul Nehlen’s prowess as a campaigner – although he’s mounted a great campaign – it is more a measure of how tolerant of Paul Ryan’s arrogance and lies the good people of Wisconsin 1 prove to be.

Trump Joins CHQ Refuses To Back Ryan And McCain

In a blow to the reelection bids of establishment Republicans Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain Republican nominee for President Donald Trump has pointedly refused to endorse either of them.

Endorsement: Paul Nehlen for Congress, WI-1

By: Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
In his arrogant dismissal of conservative populist concerns about Obama’s secret trade deal, in his outright lies about its provisions, and especially in his angry advocacy of establishment Republican corporatism we think after 18-years, Paul Ryan has disqualified himself from representing the people of Wisconsin Congressional District 1.

Paul Ryan’s Hijra

Like President Obama, Speaker Paul Ryan has made increasing Muslim immigration to America his special project and has steadfastly fought any attempts by conservatives to slow or stop what a large majority of American believe is an existential threat to constitutional liberty.

Meet the man who wants to pull an Eric Cantor on Paul Ryan

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner

Paul Nehlen, a water filtration company CEO, has launched a campaign to defeat Ryan in the Badger State's August 9 GOP primary. Nehlen said Ryan has "betrayed Wisconsin's 1st District" by supporting the recent Trade Promotion Authority measure that will enable new trade deals that many believe will hurt American jobs.

Here's What To Do If Paul Ryan Sends You A BRE

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (WI-1) must be feeling the heat from principled limited government constitutional conservative Paul Nehlen, his opponent in Wisconsin's upcoming Republican primary. For the first time ever one of our friends received a fundraising letter from Speaker Ryan; here's the response, which we urge all conservatives to adopt when approached by Ryan for a contribution to re-elect him to continue his destructive collaboration with Obama and the Democrats. #DumpRyan #NeverRyan

Wisconsin’s Most Important Election Wasn’t Yesterday’s Presidential Primary

The most important vote for Wisconsin conservatives and populists was not counted last night. It is the coming August 9 Republican congressional primary. Until Paul Ryan is defeated, and Paul Nehlen nominated and elected, the Washington Cartel will remain firmly in control of the US House of Representatives. #NeverRyan

Paul Nehlen: Speaker Ryan Gets A Conservative Challenger

Conservative businessman Paul Nehlen has confirmed he will challenge Paul Ryan for the Wisconsin District 1 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.