Paul Nehlen principled limited government constitutional conservative

Anti-Ryan Billboards Create Stir In Wisconsin

Julia Hahn, Breitbart

Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen has launched his latest billboard ad attacking House Speaker Paul Ryan’s open borders immigration agenda. Nehlen’s billboard reads: “Paul Ryan Wants To Bring In Six Foreign Workers For Every One Wisconsin Worker. Why Does Paul Ryan Think American Workers Aren’t Good Enough?”

The Fear Behind Paul Ryan’s Dirty Tricks

The Nehlen – Ryan contest is much bigger than who gets the Republican nomination in one congressional district in America’s heartland: It’s about whether, going forward, the Republican Party is the political home of America’s limited government constitutional conservative country class citizens, or an oligarchy of insiders who are so fearful of competition that they won’t even allow conservative ideas six feet of table space at their convention.

Here's What To Do If Paul Ryan Sends You A BRE

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (WI-1) must be feeling the heat from principled limited government constitutional conservative Paul Nehlen, his opponent in Wisconsin's upcoming Republican primary. For the first time ever one of our friends received a fundraising letter from Speaker Ryan; here's the response, which we urge all conservatives to adopt when approached by Ryan for a contribution to re-elect him to continue his destructive collaboration with Obama and the Democrats. #DumpRyan #NeverRyan