The State Department has a disastrous manpower shortage

Editors, Washington Examiner

Leaderless and without navigators to direct it, the ship of American diplomacy is adrift in the fog. But while the Senate deserves criticism for not yet approving CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as America's chief diplomat, that's far from the only malady afflicting the Department of State. The Trump administration bears blame itself for its continuing failure to appoint talented officials to crucial roles at the department's Foggy Bottom headquarters.

Amid firestorms, Trump has year of solid policy accomplishments. Can he keep going?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

On many, many occasions during the campaign, candidate Trump promised he would hire only the "best people" if he were to win the White House. If, as expected, some on the Trump team head for the exits in the new year, the problem will become more serious. Personnel isn't sexy. And the key person in Trump's policy successes is Trump himself. But the president will need the actual "best people" if he is to make his second year as consequential as his first.

The American Presidency in Paralysis

Arnold Steinberg, The American Spectator

Let’s make America governable again. At the minimum, Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats should agree to the same rules that his predecessor Harry Reid and his Democrat colleagues applied to process the Obama appointees. If the 2-hour and 8-hour rules were good enough for Barack Obama then, they are good enough for President Donald J. Trump now.

All the ways Trump’s policies are stuck in the swamp

Editors, Washington Examiner

At the end of Trump's first 100 days, only 27 of 556 political appointments had been confirmed, as compared with 69 for former President Barack Obama and 35 for former President George W. Bush. The lack of confirmed appointees means agencies are severely limited in the scope of their policy action, whether it's enacting changes made by Congress or following through on dozens of executive orders Trump has signed.