political correctness

Woke Parenting Eats Its Own

Casey Chalk, The American Conservative

The past, whose great if often deeply flawed men once served as moral exemplars, has become something to be condescendingly sneered at. Not only must Columbus, Washington, and Jefferson be unceremoniously censured, their public memory must be trashed, if not excised. Mom, with her “second-wave feminism” full of “internalized misogyny,” is also worthy of derision. In her own rebellion against the traditions of her time, she provided the template for her own destruction. The trend will only intensify. Of course, to turn this ship around would require a pretty dramatic paradigm shift, reimagining the historical and cultural narratives parents impress upon their children.

Justin Trudeau, Identity-Politics Hypocrite

John Fund, National Review

Trudeau is on an apology tour. No pandering is beyond him. He has changed his Twitter profile picture to one of him smiling at a black person — we see Trudeau’s face and only the back of the black man’s head. Critics have said this move is akin to claiming, “Some of my best friends are black!” The lessons to be learned from Justin Trudeau’s fall from PC grace are legion. If his polls continue to tank, he will have a great deal of time to contemplate them as a former prime minister at age 47. Perhaps he should ask himself if the identity politics he has long embraced are making it harder for the country to focus on issues that affect everyone.

The Progressives’ Enthusiastic Political Incorrectness

Melissa Mackenzie, The American Spectator

Americans are far more unified across racial, gender, intellectual, and other identities than the social justice warriors would have everyone believe. Americans have long since unified across their differences. They have friends and neighbors who disagree politically. They laugh. Progressives want to control and dominate and define and separate. They want to condemn and punish — unless it’s one of their own. They know that the rules they wish to impose on their ideological enemies won’t be used against them. Kamala Harris and her audience can laugh, and they do. It’s time everyone else gets to play by the same rules.

The New York Times attempts to rewrite history

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

“The goal of the 1619 Project is to reframe American history.” More like rewrite it. This is the stuff of totalitarian regimes where the media serves as a propaganda organ for the state, in this case the surging left wing of the Democratic Party. No more America beginning with the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers and the Constitution. Africans had no say in these, though Jefferson’s brilliant line about all of us being created equal would resound nearly a century later in a Civil War that led to the freeing of slaves and the long road to achieving Jefferson’s noble statement.

Congressman Stockman’s Case Is A Dark Omen Of Political Repression To Come

Patti Stockman, The Daily Caller

If the ordeal that my vocal and fairly prominent husband has suffered results in only the sound of crickets from conservative circles, how much greater silence can we can expect when weaponized law enforcement agencies come for the average American and their politically incorrect neighbors? In light of the malfeasance of deep state bureaucrats, the loud demand for further disarming our citizens, and the escalating hatred for religious people of all stripes, the deafening silence of constitutional conservatives in the case of an outspoken former U.S. congressman may be a most alarming indicator of what could be in store for countless Americans.

Political correctness warriors at Berkeley could end up criminalizing language

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

The left has always been desperate to make contradicting them bigoted at least and ultimately illegal. One would think they would be more interested in persuading people on issues that matter to them. But even they believe they can’t. The left cannot win discussions and debates on the issues, so their only solution is to silence non-conformists with assignments of bigotry and “hate,” hoping to silence and even ruin detractors. The end goal of the left everywhere is to create an environment relying on fabricated language standards allowing for the arrest and/or ruination of those who use the wrong words or communicate in a way that someone finds offensive.

The Cowardly Incoherence of Name-Changing, Statue-Toppling, and other Iconoclasms

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Note that the university is no more likely to change the name of Stanford to something like Amah Mutsun University to rectify the theft of indigenous peoples' lands than Yale University is willing to give up the names of its slave-owning founders. The selective outrage is not just because old white Neanderthal alumni love going to Yale or Stanford iconic football games, but rather because tens of thousands of woke nonwhite students and alumni are proud of their tony 'Yale' and 'Stanford' diplomas. They are not about to destroy their career investments in such a brand name on the altar of systematic and coherent politically correct name-changing.

It’s Against The Rules To Criticize Liberals

According to liberals, Donald Trump has coarsened politics by hitting back and standing up for himself and his ideas, instead of stoically taking the pummeling they dish out. Now that Trump has announced there are new rules to the game and he is going to hit back, there’s no end to the Liberal wailing.

Suspicious Fire Destroys Cathedral Of Notre Dame

A number of churches in France have been vandalized during the early part of 2019. Vandals have smashed statues, knocked down tabernacles, burned an altar cloth, destroyed the Eucharist and smeared a cross with excrement. We urge the authorities in France to conduct an honest investigation into the cause of the Notre Dame fire with no taint of political correctness or prejudice.

Chick-fil-A And NRA Prove Democrats Can Never Be Trusted With Power

What’s happened to Chick-fil-A and the NRA prove, there remains no protection except the ballot box to curtail the ability of Democrats to shut down arbitrarily whole classes of businesses they deem to be “politically incorrect.”

The Virtuous Can Never Be Guilty

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

The Steeles, Smolletts, and Dees of the world will continue to con their way to fame and riches while damaging the country — until it no longer pays. And it will no longer pay when we have the collective courage to accurately and matter-of-factly label Steele a pathological liar and fraud; and Smollett for what he is, a racist con artist; and Dees for what he has become, a virtue-signaling grifter; and our elite college system for what it has descended to, a non-meritocratic, cattle-branding operation that fast-tracks its chosen herd into green careerist pastures.

Environmental Alarmism Killing Mankind’s Most Ancient Dream

Titled “Forget Mars” a recent environmental alarmist article begins with the plea, “Please stop with these reckless journey imaginings” and demands that humans stop “presenting space voyages as inevitable.” Instead, mankind is admonished to throw our collective weight and brains into fixing the harm we’ve done here on Earth and to stop our expansionist pipe dreams.

Diversity Reigns at Oscars. Tantrums Continue

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

It's amazing that ABC broadcast an overlong Academy Awards show where no one mocked President Trump by name. There were just a few snarky remarks about walls, but that's pretty much it. It's equally bizarre that the Oscar for best picture went to "Green Book" — about overcoming segregation in the South — and the leftists came away angry! The hot hashtag used to be #OscarsSoWhite. That's not at all what the winners list looked like this year. These award shows no longer reward talent. They reward their very own brand of self-centered idiocy.

100 Years Of Teaching Children Lies About America

How did we get to a place where 64 percent of the men and women defending our country believe it is the source of most of the world’s ills? Over the next month we are going to explore that question, and the first part of the answer to that question is that our education system has become a vehicle for teaching children to despise their own country, its founders and its founding principles. #theLeftLies

Changing Reality with Words

Victor Davis Hanson, Washington Times

The reinvention of vocabulary can often be more effective than any social protest movement. Malarial swamps can become healthy “wetlands.” Fetid “dumps” are often rebranded as green “landfills.” A liberal Democrat was once someone seen as a free thinker. But “progressive” implies that one is more action-orientated and has an evolutionary agenda, not just a methodology. Beware of euphemisms. Radical changes in vocabulary are usually admissions that reality is unwelcome or indefensible.

Liberalism’s PC Petards

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

By defining racism so broadly — liberals routinely extend the charge to philosophical matters such as opposition to affirmative action and amnesty — liberalism created a culture that lent itself to over-accusation and political death penalties. Its tendency to put the worst possible interpretation on all things racial also puts Democrats in a corner. They can’t explain away these incidents as bad taste or bad humor; liberalism always looks for deeper and darker reasons than those. That’s why their apologies have to be so freighted with admissions of enormous guilt.

The Return of Ancient Prejudices

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Recently, other ancient prejudices have been insidiously returning. And this time, the bias is more subtle, and it can be harder to address than traditional racism against non-white populations. The new venom, for example, is often spread by left-wing groups that claim victim status themselves and thus, by their logic, should not be seen as victimizers. what fuels the return of American bias is the new idea that citizens can disparage or discriminate against other groups if they claim victim status and do so for purportedly noble purposes.

Which Parents Should Be Scolded?

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

It's hard to fathom in this supercharged atmosphere, but politics actually has been more tumultuous than it is today (see: War, Civil). On the other hand, the war to define — or, better put, redefine — American culture has never been more ferocious. Its militancy has reached the point where many on the libertine-left media are aggressively, and quite publicly, demanding that parents abide by their worldview or be ostracized from polite company.

Attack of the Techno-Lynch Mob

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

We may have iPhones instead of rope, but human nature has not changed. The competition to appear tough, cruel, defiant—and morally superior—is fed by crowds of anonymous laptop and smartphone shock troops. But what has altered is that we now have no sheriff. Or rather, our town marshal—Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.—are on the mob’s side, as if the bulwark between civilization and savagery has left the porch, joined the mob, and handed them the keys to the jail. Our tech giants selectively censor views. They ban “extremism” only when defined as loud counterrevolutionary conservatism.

Marines Hoist White Flag To Social Justice Warriors

Our friend Elaine Donnelly, founder and president of the Center for Military Readiness, gave us the heads-up that Marine Corps Commandant General Robert B. Neller quietly announced on a Friday afternoon that for the first time in history, a platoon of fifty enlisted female recruits would be housed and trained alongside five male platoons.