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A Bad Idea For Ohio And A Terrible Idea For America

No Republican has ever been elected President without Ohio, and Ohio has furnished eight Presidents with Ohio roots – all Republicans. So why the Buckeye State’s Republican-controlled legislature and Governor would want to dilute their state’s Electoral College votes via the Democrat proposal to bypass the Electoral College is a complete mystery to us.

Far Left Anti-Electoral College Plan Building Momentum

Democrats have long opposed the Electoral College because with overwhelming margins of victory in high-population states like California they could dominate future presidential elections based on the popular vote, so they have concocted a plan to try to bypass the constitutional amendment process.

Popular Vote Realities 2016: Trump Ascendant

John C. Wohlstetter, The American Spectator

Trump can claim not only an electoral vote landslide — 57 to 43 percent — but also two geographic landslides — 85-15 total area and 90-10 county-level. And with full absentee ballot counting Trump would have trailed Hillary by less than one percent in the official nationwide popular vote.

Hillary Voters: The Minority in 37 States

Dan McLaughlin, National Review

Hillary Clinton won a majority of the popular vote in only thirteen states, the fewest of any major-party nominee since Bob Dole in 1996. That’s an astoundingly poor performance. Facing an opponent so deeply flawed that Democrats were visibly salivating over running against him, she carried a popular majority in half as many states as Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, barely more than half as many as Mitt Romney.